Little Things Episode 4: How is Our Couple In Public?

This was an interesting episode, second to last in the season, and the first one where we really see Mithila and Dhruv interacting with the outside world, and how they are perceived by the outside world. (index of all Little Things reviews here)

It starts with the two of them together again, planning dinner at a new restaurant. But then Mithila is late, and Dhruv is hungry and grumpy by the time she shows up, and they go back and forth while the waiter watches. Mithila tries to please the waiter, it is late and the restaurant is out of almost everything, but Dhruv won’t be happy. He isn’t actively rude, or mean, just difficult. While Mithila is trying to smooth things over and make it okay. Dhruv’s feelings are understandable, Mithila was very late, and ate a large lunch (thus she isn’t hungry now while he is), and he is hungry and disappointed that he can’t eat the meal he was expecting, and correctly blames Mithila. But Mithila is working hard to make him feel better in a way that isn’t really fair.

Dhruv Sehgal - IMDb

After dinner, they fight over where to go next. And again there is a witness, the cab driver. Mithila wants to go to her friend’s party, reminds Dhruv that he agreed days ago to do it, that he said she should spend more time with her friends, that they have missed the last 4 parties. But Dhruv doesn’t want to, he wants to go home and watch Game of Thrones. Not only is Dhruv being a bit uncaring of Mithila’s feelings, he is also uncaring of the cab driver. He agrees eventually, and they go to the party, and he feels awkward and out of place. They separate, he has to hunt for her, the house feels strange and scary. But then he gets a silly social media message from Mithila which makes him smile, he calls her, they talk, they reunite in the party, and finally settle to play Taboo (the whole purpose of the party, her friend’s weekly Taboo night). And have a really good time. In the middle of it, her friend and her boyfriend get into a fight (a little sign that all couples fight over silly things). Mithila and Dhruv leave, and in the elevator on the way back to their apartment, they see another couple who accidentally spoil the ending of Dhruv’s Game of Throne’s episode. To cheer him up, Mithila takes Dhruv to a late night chicken kabob place, and then to a street fair.

When they are alone together, this couple seems happy and equal. Dhruv makes food some of the time, they joke, he cheers her up when she has a bad day, and so on. But now we are seeing them out in the world, and this is not equal. Dhruv is angry when Mithila is late to meet him for dinner and Mithila is apologetic. But when she wants to go to a friend’s party, suddenly Dhruv is unrepentant about changing plans. At the party, Mithila works hard to make sure Dhruv is having a good time, while he doesn’t do anything to help her have fun. And finally, she takes him out for a chicken kabob and a fair. Not just that, she mentions that she learned about the kabob place ages ago and remembered it for next time Dhruv needed a treat. That’s a lot of work just to keep him happy! And the waiter happy, and the cab driver happy, and her friend happy. Poor Mithila!

I have to say, I have been the friend who hosts the weekly nights, so I was coming at this from a slightly specific direction. I hosted weekly movie nights for years, and when my friends started new relationships, they would suddenly start canceling on my last minute. And then the relationship would even out and I would see them again, because they wanted to see their friends and do something on their own. Mithila truly enjoyed this party, we could see that, and if she has been canceling for weeks and now has to fight to get Dhruv to agree, that’s a bad sign. The kind of thing that I, as a friend, would worry about. Especially after 2 years together, not just the first flush of love. Hmm.

4 thoughts on “Little Things Episode 4: How is Our Couple In Public?

  1. Dhruv behaves badly in this episode, like a spoiled child. This seems like part of their relationship too, though. She indulges his whims to go on long treks to eat something he discovered on the internet, he puts up with her tendencies toward indecisive homebody. I liked the flow, the moment at work when she decides to eat instead of waiting, the blow-up, then the way she drags him along against his will to the party as he acts like a brat, but because of her affectionate little message he ends up seeking her out. Ending with reconciliation and a kiss on the ferris wheel. It’s like a whole rom com in 15 minutes.

    The Little App product placement gets annoying, though!


    • Oh man, the Little App stuff drives me crazy! Also, Velvet Case. I will never use those services, just because of how irritating it is.

      Agree about the flow of their relationship. With the exception that when she is indecisive at home, they both accept that is a flaw of hers, but when Dhruv is bratty about his plans, he is in the right and Mithila has to accommodate.

      I love the happy ending, seeing them enjoying something equally together. I even like the party scene, where we see why they are together, that they really have more fun with each other than other people. It’s just sometimes hard to get both of them on the same page.

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  2. I honestly don’t really see it this way. Of Mithila having to really work at keeping Dhruv and everyone happy and him not as much. I think that they both do things for each other when the other is unhappy- like making food for each other. But I feel Mithila is honestly the one who lacks structure and discipline in the way she lives and this spills over into messing up the plans she and Dhruv have made together.

    Dhruv really seems to plan things out and want to stick to that and she wants to change things along the way and expect him to just be ready to go along with it. And the difference feels more about Dhruv planning with both of them in mind but she making him go along with things that only she wants to do. In this episode, she chose to eat at work even though she knew that they had a plan to eat together after work and it seems like she has a small appetite, much smaller than him, because in another episode she got full on a pack of chips and said “I think I’m done actually” when Dhruv was wondering where they should eat for dinner. So knowing she would probably be full, she decided to eat at work anyway. If this was an impromptu plan it wouldn’t be her fault but it was made beforehand and Dhruv sent her a message to remind her. Then she was late (which may not have been her fault if she was in a meeting) and he had to get another cab and she was kind of laughing, taking pics of him, not really helping considering they were already late and then in the restaurant she says she forgot and someone had ordered food at work, so she’s not hungry. That’s not true, it’s not a big deal, but it’s not true. And going out to eat is more fun when both people are interesting in eating, not when only one is and the other just watches, so I can understand his annoyance. He made the plan with both of them eating in mind and she was more “I’m just here for you, I’m not really into it”. If she had been totally honest I don’t think it would have been a problem. I think they are just different as people. He prefers informality and authenticity- like he doesn’t want her to accompany him just for his sake etc. And she’s a little more formal and calculative- she wants him to accompany her to the party even when he isn’t in the mood because she did it for him. And then I felt she was acting a bit saint-like, when she was saying that I came all the way here to the restaurant for your sake and getting angry when he didn’t want to go to the party, because she knows full well that she ate beforehand and didn’t care that much about the plan they made together. She also never reminded him about the party, she could have sent him a text reminding him just like he reminded her of the restaurant plan. But she didn’t. And then she got mad. I don’t feel that’s fair considering if you’re at work all day, then want to go to a restaurant, your partner is late, the restaurant doesn’t even have the food, your partner doesn’t want to eat because they already ate, they say they came along for your sake, and then because you’re just burnt out and tired you want to go home and enjoy some alone time, but now your partner springs it upon you that there’s this party to go to and you have to go because you already agreed to it and you aren’t allowed to change your mind.

    Maybe Dhruv was a little childish and whiny in his way of speaking, he yells more and whatnot, and Mithila has a calmer way of talking. But if you look past that I feel he is more blunt, more transparent. Her character seems a bit more confusing to communicate with.

    So what I was saying about Mithila lacking structure in the way she plans things out and that messing up the plans she and Dhruv make- I could kind of see it the first episode too. They were going to go out to eat in the morning, she is making him stay awake to look at her sarees when he is already falling asleep, he politely tells her he wants to sleep a few times, then in the morning she makes him a breakfast which was sweet, but later she gets him to go to the salon with her when he has already planned to watch the game at home. And it wasn’t a plan he was forcing her to join in on, he was going to watch it alone. But she thinks of something she will enjoy (the salon) and kind of forces him into going along with it. I think this would have been a moment when they could have spent some time alone. She could go to the salon and he home to watch the game. He also told her many times that his game was at 7 and later she gets kind of mad at him for being loud in the salon when she kind of forced him to be there in the first place.

    I think that they are both a bit selfish but the difference is that Dhruv is predictable and Mithila is more impulsive.
    Also the second difference would be that Dhruv creates plans that both of them will enjoy like eating out, sure, maybe he is more passionate about those new food places than she is but she definitely enjoys food too. But Mithila tries to get Dhruv to go along with plans that only she will enjoy (hair salon, going to her friend’s party at the end of a tiring day, where he knows no one and interacting with new people is kind of tiring). Sitting at a salon waiting for someone to get done is kind of boring. The equivalent would be if Dhruv forced her to watch his game with him. Going on a drive to a new restaurant is kind of fun, even if one person is more interesting in food than the other, it’s still something both can enjoy. I haven’t seen all of the episodes though so I don’t know.

    Another example would be Dhruv getting up early, waking Mithila up, turning on the geyser to get hot water, and then she is running in to shower first without asking him. You have to turn a geyser on for like 30 min to get decently hot water so he did all that but she didn’t consider that she could make him late for work.

    They also do nice things for each other but I feel Mithila does a lot of that out of guilt. Like he really didn’t want to hear the spoilers for the GoT episode, but she forced him to go to the party, he ended up hearing it, she then takes him out to eat because he never really got to enjoy his food which was the original plan they had for that evening. I don’t think he generally minds meeting her friends (since she says that he told her to spend more time with them) but I think the fact that he was tired, it was a monday, and she didn’t remind him of it at all beforehand made him not want to go. It is both of their faults though, I think they’d get along better if they occasionally did things alone without forcing the other person to join in with them if the other one isn’t in the mood.


    • Yaaaay! A long in depth comment! Isn’t it interesting how much is there to discuss in these short little episodes?

      I can see your points. You are right, Dhruv does make plans and clearly state what he wants, while Mithila keeps changing and surprising him. I guess I see it as maybe Mithila acts like that because she is afraid to state what she wants the way Dhruv does. Not that she has a reason to be afraid, just that it is a habit she has fallen in to. Nothing she does in the examples you gave are really wrong, if she had said them clearly. Like, “I have the time tonight and I need to try on outfits to figure out what I am wearing next weekend. I will be up late doing that, and I have to do it tonight because the wedding is next weekend, so we can’t do breakfast tomorrow.” Or in this episode, if she had said “We can’t do dinner on Monday night because I want to go to my friend’s party and we already agreed to do that last week”. But instead she kind of hides what she wants and sabotages Dhruv’s plans to get her way instead of just speaking out. And on the other hand, Dhruv doesn’t seem to be seeing that her actions are telling him she doesn’t want to do these things, even if her mouth is saying she does. When she was trying on saris in the first episode, he could have said “do you want to just skip the breakfast plan tomorrow? We can do it another time.” And the same with this one, once she was late from work, he could have said right away “let’s just forget it and do it another time” instead of waiting and sending messages and sticking to the original plan.

      So, yes, they are both at fault. Mithila should be speaking up and saying what she wants. And Dhruv should be listening and understanding better when Mithila’s actions show him that she really doesn’t want to do this. And definitely they need to know it is okay to do things separately! I would have said in this episode that Dhruv should eat without waiting for her, but they both need to go to a party. It’s Mithila’s friends she hasn’t seen in a while, it’s rude for him not to come. But in the first episode, if Mithila wanted to get her hair done and Dhruv wanted to see his match, they should have just split up, that’s okay. Realistic couple problem though, especially for couples that just moved in together and are still navigating the difference between dating when you spend every minute together that you can, and living together when it isn’t rude or horrible to spend time apart.

      I cannot WAIT for you to see next episode! They dig into so much of this!


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