Little Things Reviews Index

Enjoy! Watch this fun light little 15 minute episodes series, and then read my fun light little few paragraph reviews.

Dhruv Sehfal and Mithila Palkar play a young couple living together in Bombay and figuring out life. The first season is very light, just everyday stuff like going out to dinner or what to do on a Sunday. The next few seasons get progressively more complex as their relationship matures, and the episodes lengthen to 30 minutes. But overall, it stays light. Nothing super bad happens, neither of them turns “evil”, it’s just life.

Season 1

Episode 1: FOMO

Episode 2: Have a Nice Day

Episode 3: Good Night

Episode 4: Thank You!

Episode 5: Here We Go!

Season 2

Episode 1: Milk Cake

Episode 2: Back Seat

Episode 3: Cheeti Aur Haathi

Episode 4: Mumbai Darshan

Episode 5: Leicester City F. C.

Episode 6: Bed & Breakfast

Episode 7: Baalti Aur Magga

Episode 8: Where Are We?

Season 3

Episode 1: Migration

Episode 2: Today of All Days

Episode 3: Rectangles

Episode 4: Senior Citizens

Episode 5: Vertical Housing

Episode 6: Jet Lag

Episode 7: The Sum of Our Past

Episode 8: Migration II

3 thoughts on “Little Things Reviews Index

  1. My goodness I love this relationship. My favorite part about this episode was when Dhruv is stressed and tired and lashes out at Mithila. At first, Mithila is rightfully upset and confused, but within a second, she realizes, he is sick, and stressed, and feeling incompetent and right away forgets his rudeness and goes into caretaking mode. And of course, the next morning, Dhruv apologizes for being a jerk. That’s how relationships are, right? You get stressed, you are tired, you lash out or say something rude you’d normally never say to the person closest to you – husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. – and in that moment the other person realizes this is not about them and comforts you because you are going through something.


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