Discussion Post: Let’s Share Bad Jokes! (Film Related or Otherwise)

I love bad jokes! Not like mean jokes, or gross adult humor, but jokes like “why did the chicken cross the road”. I am counting on you, my parents of children age 4 to 10! I know at some point your child went through a Joke phase! Share with me their brilliance!

Okay, I’m gonna start us off with 3 fine examples of humor!

First, my favorite Indian film joke: “With Saawariya, Bhansali managed to make a boring ‘blue’ film”

Next, an all time classic riddle: “What’s brown and sticky?” —“A Stick!”

King Khan to add spice to Hockey World Cup opening ceremony- The ...

And finally, a joke from Shahrukh: “What would you say to fans of Aamir Khan?” “Find an icon you can look up to.”

Aamir Khan's One Condition For Son Junaid's Bollywood Debut

Okay, now you go! Share a joke with us and then we can impress the 6 year old people in our lives! Or 6 year old at heart, my 98 year old Grandpa is a total sucker for a bad joke. Give me something to share with him on our next Zoom call!

20 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Let’s Share Bad Jokes! (Film Related or Otherwise)

  1. Not sure if this is a “bad” joke, but it did win me something cool when I was in 6th grade.

    What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?


  2. (That stick joke is a favorite at our forest preschool) But, onto my own popsicle stick joke:
    What washes up onto really small beaches?


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