Little Things Season 3 Episode 6: Messy Re-Entry

Hey, this episode is about why I decided not to go over to my apartment this weekend and instead stay at their place! It’s not the leaving, it’s the coming back, all those little micro-adjustments. And I’m just talking about an hour of adjustment following two days away, this episode is about the whole messy return after 6 months apart. Blech!

The thing about these messy re-entries is that, if the relationship is good, life is a lot better afterwards not worse. You each have new things to tell each other, new experiences to share, and you get to know a slightly different person from the person you knew before, that’s all a treat. You just have to survive the messy part where you don’t really like this other new person because you don’t know them yet.

Dhruv returns from Delhi and Mithila from Nagpur, we don’t see them united, we don’t see them re-enter the apartment, we just see them putting photos up on their shared wall and talking the next morning. And things are….messy. Neither slept well the night before, and Dhruv suggests he might want to sleep on the couch tonight, and he’s not kidding. They hug, and their arms feel wrong. Mithila wants to go for her run because it’s what she does in the morning now, Dhruv feels weird and wants her to stay and talk. They talk for a second, and then the doorbell rings and it is a group of Mithila’s friends come to hang out. Dhruv is rude to them, and awkward, he and Mithila fight about her giving away the TV, the friends leave and Dhruv goes down to say goodbye, then Mithila gets a call from her mother and starts talking to her about Dhruv, and Dhruv starts to see the things she did for him (like had a desk made just like his desk in Bangalore). He and Mithila go for a long walk and end up at a playground, and talk about how they changed during their time apart, and maybe that is a good thing, maybe it is a healthy thing. Mithila explains that she had to do these things to survive missing him, it was hard on her too, that’s why she has friends now and stuff, and she kept things from him so he wouldn’t know how hard it was. And Dhruv admits that he doesn’t know who he is any more, he is really feeling lost right now.

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There’s a lot in this episode, but also not so much. The thing is, the “new” Dhruv and the “new” Mithila are new to each other, but not to the audience. We saw Mithila bond with her friends at work and find new people to “mother” once Dhruv was gone. And we saw Dhruv blossom in his research and his new life in Bangalore, and struggle with his life decisions in Delhi.

A few details I thought were nice to include. Dhruv is unhappy that Mithila’s friends are there, but he still makes food for them, and sits with them for a bit, and then goes down to say good-bye. He isn’t being a “bad” boyfriend, just someone going through a hard time. Mithila too, she forgot she invited her friends over, she didn’t plan to be distracted on his first day back. This show isn’t afraid to take sides a bit, to show when one or the other of them is working harder on the relationship, but that’s not the case this time. They are equals, and equally struggling to be better. Which I guess is what their conversation at the end is about, acknowledging that they both had a hard time during the separation, and they are both having a hard time now with the reunion.

I liked seeing Mithila talk through her relationship problems with her mother. We haven’t really seen that before, and it’s a sign of her increasingly closeness to her parents, and what she was saying to Dhruv, that it is healthy to have other parts of their life, to open their relationship up a little bit. I liked the follow up on Dhruv’s Delhi story, Mithila encourages him to bring something back from Delhi (like she brought her favorite Ganesh from Nagpur), and he puts up stars to make Orion on the ceiling. His happy time from Delhi was alone, looking at the stars, not happily tucked into a loving home with loving parents with a Ganesh statue like Mithila. I like that Mithila’s young co-worker/protegee says when she leaves “you two just need to cuddle each other”, and that ends up being the solution. They really are an ordinary couple, all they need to do is lay in bed together cuddling and finally they feel reunited.

And then we end with a cliffhanger, Dhruv waking Mithila up to show her the engagement ring his mother gave him.

2 thoughts on “Little Things Season 3 Episode 6: Messy Re-Entry

  1. Oof, this episode was a tough one. Dhruv was really struggling and Mithila was struggling to let him struggle. Remember how you said at the beginning of the season that Dhruv is the one who gets to go off on an exciting new adventure and Mithila is stuck with her normal life, only now with a big Dhruv-shaped hole in every day? The flip side of that is when Dhruv comes back, he has left all that new exciting behind and has to try to fit back into his old life, while Mithila has adjusted and can carry on with or without him. My sympathies started with Mithila because, come on, let the girl go running. But when the friends showed up my introvert soul cringed. He just got back! You haven’t properly seen each other in months! Don’t make him entertain a bunch of people he barely knows, and ignore him so you can hang with your friends. That was bound to end badly. Also, did you not have the date of return seared in your brain all this time? How can you just forget and invite a bunch of people over? Dhruv was more patient with that whole mess than I would have been.

    It was good they got to talk it out but still awkward. And then the ring! That part, well. Honestly felt a bit over the top, let’s force a climax. Could have waited until morning and still led into the next episode.


    • It was so awkward! And here’s the thing, I could see the inviting the friends over as not just thoughtlessness, but showing a whole difference in thinking that had been there all along. Mithila made her apartment into a haven and a home for her friends while Dhruv was gone, especially the young woman she more or less adopted, for Dhruv it was just torture to deal with her friends, but for Mithila it would have been torture to turn them away and let down her chosen family. Dhruv is going to have to adjust to that, Mithila has discovered she loves taking care of people, lots of people and not just Dhruv, and I can’t see her cutting them out of her life now that Dhruv is back.

      But yes, maybe invite them over the second day, not the first day. Poor Dhruv! Especially because he is absolutely right that the one male friend is both depressed, and in love with Mithila. Maybe he shouldn’t have said it like that, but he wasn’t making stuff up or trying to be mean.

      I liked that they talked it out, but that didn’t fix everything. Every other season, they’ve had the big talk, and that solved everything. But sometimes the big talk isn’t going to solve everything, it’s about talking and still talking and letting yourself slowly adjust over time.

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