Karwaan Review SPOILERS: Birth, Death, True Love, All Less Important Than if Dulquer Will Quit His Office Job

I already put up my No Spoilers review which was just a wee bit cynical and unsympathetic.  Versus this review which is a lot bit cynical and unsympathetic.  If you want to watch the film, you should probably read that review.  Not because this review has spoilers, the joy of it is in the songs and the beautiful cinematography and the line delivery by Irrfan, not in any details of the plot.  But because I am just the entsy-ist bit mean and sort of tie this movie into the entire problem of class/gender oppression in the world.

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Karwaan Review (No Spoilers): Oh the Struggling Upper Middle Class Male Unfulfilled Office Worker! Weep for His Tragedy!!! WEEP FOR HIM!!!

I am a bit over the “greatest tragedy in the world is a wealthy upper class man who just wants to be an artist” film trope.  Which was probably clear from the title if this post.  Indian, American, French, Norwegian, it’s all the same thing, and I am SICK OF IT.  Good lord, just count your blessings and get over yourself.

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