Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Finish TV Shows!

I’m gonna do it, today is the day I finish the 22 episode very slow Pakistani serial Heer! And that’s pretty much it, my whole plan for the weekend.

Happy Saturday! I have fun things to discuss today!

First, a friend forwarded me this INSANE article about how Salman is quarantining at his farmhouse, with a bunch of friends. Like a house party. They go riding every morning. It sounds fun, but also weird. I guess if you don’t have any family nearby it might be nice? Link:

Second, rumors are buzzing very very lowdown that Vicky and Kat might be a thing, and might be quarantining together. Are we still happy about this? Or do we now want better for our Kat?

Vicky Kaushal breaks his silence on dating rumours with Katrina ...

I was surprised a few days back to get an email from Crocs (the ugly/insanely comfortable rubber clogs company which of course I purchase from regularly) that had a photo of Priyanka! It’s just a very lowlevel kind of endorsement for her. Anyway, what do we think about this?

Why Priyanka Chopra Is Rocking Crocs | E! News

Finally, most important, which of these photos of Filmikudhi’s puppy Theo is cutest?

Theo eating plants?

Theo hiding because he is ashamed of eating plants?

Or Theo being confused because there is a chair suddenly blocking him from general destruction?

17 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Finish TV Shows!

  1. Silly Theo! I plan to start Little Things season 3 today! Just for extra inspiration, I am also making Nagpur-style Saoji chicken curry! If I need a break from Little Things, I am going to watch Mahlaal.

    I like Katrina and Vicky. They just seem normal.

    With regards to Salman, along with his girlfriend, apparently, Waluscha De Sousa (from fan) has moved in with her children, and no surpsrise, the children adore Salman. Also, on a slightly different note, he has been sending truck loads of food to daily wage worked throughout the city and monitoring its process. That just seems very Salman like, since he’s known to feed everyone on the sets.


    • Salman’s whole farmhouse house party sounded weird to me at first, but then I started thinking of it as kind of a refugee camp, and it made sense. Like Shahrukh talking about him and Gauri spending all their time at the Khan apartment when they were new in the city because they were so lonely and didn’t know anyone else. If Waluscha and her kids don’t have anyone else nearby, and were stuck in a tiny city apartment, of course they would go out to the farmhouse! Jackie’s family is in Sri Lanka, so she’s on her own. And so on and so forth. Also, did you catch that both Iulia and Sangeeta are there? Salman, Best Ex Boyfriend EVER. And Kat must be dating Vicky, because otherwise why would she stay in the city instead of going out to the party house too?

      You finish Little Things, I will finish Heer. And I am having a weekend break at my “real” apartment, so I can totally order Pakistani barbecue to inspire me from my favorite restaurant at the end of my street!

      Awww, Salman! I knew he was giving thousands to make up for missed wages to industry day laborers right from the start, of course he is sending in food too. I’m remembering now, stories about how Salman’s farmhouse is a legit “farm” too, he grows pumpkins and stuff.

      On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 9:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I like the photo of the puppy in plant jail. I think Kat and Vicky make a beautiful couple. And my spouse would call Salman and all his friends at his farmhouse COVID Committed. That’s his term for non-family groups during this time.


    • I love Salman with his friends, partly because he isn’t actually alone himself. He could be with his own family, but he is isolating himself to protect his father, and turning that lemon into lemonade by forming a new temporary family.

      And I don’t think he was even that close to people like Waluscha and Jackie before this! Just knew they were alone in the city. And now Salman and Waluscha are my Most Desired Couple. She’s 40, divorced with three kids. In my Mind Romance, he barely knew her before, but knew she was alone with three kids and no support and invited her to come out, she came for the sake of the kids, but now dheere dheere haule haule they are getting to know each other, and he is great with her kids, and she is talking to his ex-girlfriends who are there and learning how great he has been with them and how he has changed, and they will fall in love and get married and be happy forever and ever. And maybe she is briefly jealous of Jackie, who is younger and childless, but then Salman explains that Jackie is just a friend. And the kids do something cute to help her propose to Salman, like carve one of his pumpkins to say “will you marry me?”

      On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 10:05 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I watched Kanan Gill’s special, which was good, and then I watched Dragonwyck which was amazing. I detoured into a classic Hollywood mood because I listened to too much You Must Remember This and will probably (re)watch some Jean Harlow movies. I thought I’d watch Noor but you didn’t like it so maybe not.

    I wish Vicky and Kat all the best, I like both of them and am pleased.


    • Oh oh! I want on a classic Hollywood film noir kick a while back. Leave Her to Heaven and Repeat Performance are both awesome, especially Leave Her to Heaven. I want you to check them out so someone can finally understand and enjoy my fanfics based on them.

      And I am glad you also watched the Kanan Gill special! It’s worth it to at least half-watch Noor, it’s bad just because it’s poorly directed and acted, there’s none of those irritating insulting things in it.

      On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 12:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Okay, I’ll watch Noor as a background thing. I could stand to spend some more time looking at Kanan Gill.

        Leave Her to Heaven is on my list! I am not into noir as a rule, but I enjoy the odd movie. I very much recommend Dragonwyck by the way, if you want something schlocky and gothic and camp. Vincent Price is hot like fire in it.


        • Look at this picture! You obviously need to watch Leave Her to Heaven.

          Speaking of Vincent Price, I assume you have already seen Laura?

          On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 1:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh you must watch Laura! It is so romantic and amazing. Or at least, read the book. Everything Vera Caspery is good, and she was allllllllllllll about female desire before it was okay to be about female desire.

            On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 1:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • He is not a fave of mine, but boy, the ability to keep all these people around him is amazing. Even our Shah Rukh he managed to patch up with. There must be a core of good there. Only Aish cannot/will not reconcile.


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