It’s Main Hoon Na’s SWEET SIXTEEN!!!! Rank the Costumes, Best to Worst!

There are so many great looks in this movie! Shahrukh, sure, but also Boman Irani and Sushmita Sen and Percy and pretty much everyone. Who is best?

Sushmita Sen in her sexy sari tops, shiffon, and bright folders

Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Naa - Her Iconic Statement | Utsavpedia

Amrita in her short shirts and jeans and wild hair

Amrita Rao wallpaper from Main Hoon Na - | Amrita R… | Flickr

Zayed Khan with his long hair and tattoos and general cool dude look

Zayed And Amrita A Still From Main Hoon Na, Bollywood Movies Based ...

Percy, and his Percy-ness

Main Hoon Na Movie Stills - Bollywood Hungama

Boman, suit classes and fun tie

Happy birthday, Boman Irani | IndiaToday

And of course, Shahrukh’s dorky cool look!

Winter is coming: Check out these Bollywood inspired sweaters and ...

Okay, ready for my ranks?

Shahrukh: Somehow feels old-fashioned and throwback, but also cutting edge

Amrita Rao: Her look is growing on me! It’s not “ugly tomboy” like the movie says, but it is “girl who is way more interesting than the average girl”

Percy: It’s not an attractive look exactly, but it is perfectly who he is, no shame.

Sushmita Sen: I could certainly not pull this look off, but she does it easily!

Boman Irani: Those ties! It’s the best

Zayed Khan: Starting with the hair and going on down, it is just the definition of “trying too hard”

What are your ranks?

2 thoughts on “It’s Main Hoon Na’s SWEET SIXTEEN!!!! Rank the Costumes, Best to Worst!

  1. I liked Amrita’s versatility (because of changing to get the wanted attention from Zayed…reminded me Kajol’s changing in KKHH and ShahRukh’s reaction to that)
    Sushmita…just wow!
    ShahRukh…at school just funny…with the uniform…ufffff!
    Boman, Percy and Zayed…made me smile

    Happy you thought of MainHoonNa and made some posts…in my forum, I just hadn’t the feeling to celebrate the anniversary…


    • I scheduled these posts a while back and decided to just let them run instead of rescheduling. I’m glad I did! MHN always makes me smile.

      On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 4:41 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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