Discussion Post: What is the Funnest/Most Different Family Activity You Have Done During Lockdown?

Continuing our “unrelated to Indian film but just fun community chat” discussion series, let’s talk about activities!

We’ve done “things you made”, and “things you cooked”, now this is just simply “things you did”.

I’ll start! Because we just did this today and OH MAN was it fun! Remember how my aunt died? Today we finally got to the boxes of family papers and found all the lawyer letters (and love letters) related to the 1930 Breach of Promise suit that we had always vaguely heard about as a family legend but never really believed was a thing (at least, I didn’t believe it). Totally a thing, and my family member was absolutely in the wrong. But so fascinating.

Also, we found a photo of my aunt who always seemed Very Very Old to me, back when she was a baby. So that was cool.

Farida Jalal Wiki,Age,Family,Husband,Biography & More - WIKILIFE
Look, Farida Jalal was once a little girl! Isn’t that surprising? That’s what it felt like looking at a baby photo of my aunt.

There’s a thing you should all do, if possible. Go through boxes of very old family photos and papers and unearth shocking scandals about folks long dead. Then pack them all up again and forget about them, and bring them out in ten years to shock yourself all over again.

Now, what did you do with your family (or yourself if you are a family unto yourself) that was new and exciting? Painted the porch? Made dolls? Jumped off cliffs?

8 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What is the Funnest/Most Different Family Activity You Have Done During Lockdown?

    • No, but I have heard it is awesome! The parks are closed around me, but we might be able to set it up in the yard.

      On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 8:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. among maaaaany other things the one that is special: playing chess with the 4-year old so that he can play chess with his 8 year old brother who always loses when he plays against his 9 year old sister…

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    • Aww, that sounds nice. I won the last time my parents and I played a game (two days ago), but I think it was skill and not just because I was the youngest and they let me 🙂

      On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 12:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • At least the middle one gets a feeling of success…and the little one is happy to play with his brother a game that (generally) the older ones play 🙂


  2. Yesterday my family did actually sit on top of a cliff, but we didn’t jump. The most unusual thing we have done, for us, is jumping into canals. Any canal. Our valley is criss-crossed by canals as L.A. funnels most of the mountain water 200 miles south to the faucets and golf courses of its metropolis. There are a couple spots here and there that are deep and people have set up rope swings, but those spots are usually filled drunk teens and young adults and thus we avoid them. So lately we take walks/scrambles/bush wacks through any out of the way or well known section of a canal, and if it looks shallow enough, I let my kids jump in. I only say no if it is too muddy because I am scared of brain eating amoebas. When we are in canals in more popular areas the locals look at us like we are crazy and the tourists think we have the best life ever, but most of the time no one ever sees us.


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