Friday WatchAlong! Befikre for Aditya Chopra! It’s Better Than You Think!

Unless you think it is a brilliant perfect movie. Then it may not be better than you think, because it is definitely not perfect. But it is way better than reviews say!

Befikre! Watch it on Prime or youtube or googleplay or anywhere else. Hit “play” at 3pm Chicago time and start commenting here. I’ll put up the first comment at 3pm and then we will just keep going. It’s fun!

165 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong! Befikre for Aditya Chopra! It’s Better Than You Think!

  1. This is gross, but I think Adi wants us to think it is gross? Like Ranveer is immature now but gets better over the course of the film?


  2. I like how he switches to being serious once he knows she is desi and does a double take. This is not what an Indian girl is “supposed” to be like and it shakes him up.


  3. This is like Ishq Shava, except I like it a lot more! It’s not about getting her to cast off her saintly perfection or anything, it’s just the two of them mutual being happy.


  4. They are technically dancing to the Arijit Singh track because they are Desi and together hear it in HIndi, while the people around them are dancing to French beat, I think


    • And he is taking it so seriously like never before. I can imagine him being the one to say Vaani’s lines usually, but now it is all reversed as she says it before he can


  5. Okay, the comedy routine is winning me over a bit, for the way it lets us see his character growth. From “I am so angry this relationship didn’t work out” to “being single is kind of hard work and not every girl is as easy to be with as Vaani was”


    • I like that even Vaani’s parents are puzzled by her, so it’s not just Ranveer that sometimes can’t read her.

      On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 3:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Love this, a couple that is moving in together but still not acknowledging they are in love. Okay, I don’t love it in real life, but I love it that it is a movie concept instead of the Perfect Love.


    • Yes! And this is why you shouldn’t move in together without love. Just roommates is fine, but you can’t have this middle-zone of no expectations but really expectations.


  7. Both their hair is better now! And more grown up. Maybe if they had cut it earlier, they wouldn’t have had relationship problems to begin with?


  8. This is such a GREAT SPEECH!!!! This alone makes this movie worth watching. Owning the slut shaming, and that it is the fault of his own immaturity.

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