Friday WatchAlong! Befikre for Aditya Chopra! It’s Better Than You Think!

Unless you think it is a brilliant perfect movie. Then it may not be better than you think, because it is definitely not perfect. But it is way better than reviews say!

Befikre! Watch it on Prime or youtube or googleplay or anywhere else. Hit “play” at 3pm Chicago time and start commenting here. I’ll put up the first comment at 3pm and then we will just keep going. It’s fun!

165 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong! Befikre for Aditya Chopra! It’s Better Than You Think!

  1. Okay. You would think I would hate Ranveer in this movie, yet he is weirdly charming and makes me laugh! “I am your pairshcheet (ateonement)?! That is worse than paap (sin)”


  2. Okay, I’m getting it now I think. Vaani thinks she has to “grow up” and so is settling for the nice but boring banker guy. And now Ranveer is all bored and alone and is going to find some random girl. If they just admitted they want to get back together, no problem!


        • Well, now you can watch and read along! It’s not the best movie in the world, but it is fun, and our comments should make it a lot funner.

          On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 11:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Awe! I generally feel bad for the white girls too! But atleast in this movie, Ranveer is not shown as “good Indian boy” and Shyra is also not shown as a “good Indian girl.”


  3. Potential reading: the “slut” comment in the first fight really spun her out and now she wants respectable marriage to make up for it, but also feels unworthy. On the other hand, he is torn by guilt for saying it and pushing her towards someone who will treat her better than he did.

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    • I thought that the first time I watched it too. I think there is also growing up Shrya never really feeling like she is “traditional” and going ahead to do a super “traditional” thing with a nice Indian boy. Is she doing it because of what she “should” be doing or does she actually want to do this?! While she thinks Ranveer is always going to tell it to her straight.


      • Ooo, I like that! Vaani is feeling something is wrong but not sure what, only not realizing Ranveer has his own thing going on and his guilt is stopping him from telling her what she needs to hear.

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  4. This song is amazing! On every level! Perfect for this moment, great technical achievement, well acted, and just the basic music and choreography is good too.


  5. So depressed by watching this, Mehra quits his job at the club, changes his name to Mayank, and joins a tour company. Where he finds himself befriending another difficult lover.


  6. Oh oh! filmikudhi just helped me get this scene! Ranveer in the last scene did what he thought was the right loving thing and told her to forget him and feel good about herself. And now she is doing what she thinks is the loving thing and telling him harsh truth. But it’s opposite! She is saying what she needed to hear and he said what he needed to hear! OPPOSITE!!!

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  7. I would be SO ANGRY if my fiance made this announcement without talking to me. You can’t just double our wedding like that!

    Also, Mujshe Dosti Karoge?

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  8. Ranveer is seeing Mehra as his inner insecure guy, right? “avoid Christine’s family, they will make fun of you. Avoid the bankers, they think they are better than you. Avoid Vaani’s friends, they are too cool”

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  9. I am falling out of love with banker dude. Proposed too early, gave away their wedding, now forcing her into this dance thing.


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