Watch Street Dancer 3D With Us Here! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time!

Yaaaaay, Street Dancer 3D!!!! The movie I left work early to see opening day and regret NOTHING. It is everything I could want from a dance themed story of diaspora identity struggle. Okay, not everything, there could be a little more romance.

Crippling dance battle injuries! Dramatic bad one liner declarations! Body make-up! Shirtless dance of torment! Really, not to be missed.

You can watch it on Prime, and probably other places too. Hit “play” at 3pm Chicago time and join me here.

332 thoughts on “Watch Street Dancer 3D With Us Here! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time!

    • Sequel sequel sequel! With real romance!

      I did have an idea for a sequel of sorts where the group decides to hold a dance showcase to raise money, and since Varun and Shraddha are the “leaders” they begrudgingly agree to do a dance duet, and the close proximity of rehearsals all day every day lead them to fall in love, with big realizations during the performance and love confessions afterwards, a la RNBDJ.


      • I am all committed now to the idea of an elopement, and then marital strife and pregnancy and stuff. Maybe Shraddha goes into labor during Varun’s big break dance performance? And hides her pain so he won’t see? And then the happy ending is him giving her the trophy as she hands him the baby, because she is the one who really accomplished something tonight?


          • Come back tomorrow morning for the Silly Sunday!

            On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 4:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I think they had two or three of their fictional people go home, and another one stay and train as a chef. And then the characters based on real people (the Sri Lankan and Pakistani old guys) got their real life ending of finally returning home after 17 years.

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