Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Am Productive!

Happy Saturday! Exciting news here, rumor has it one of the Goodwills is accepting donations again, yaaaaaaaay! I’ve got a pile of donations, and a pile or recycling, that has just been sitting in my apartment. Today is the day I go up and down and up and down the stairs and get rid of all of it.

Things to talk about!

Nawazuddin Divorce/Pedophilia Update

Well, Nawazuddin’s niece has now given her full story and it passes the smell test for me, and feels depressingly familiar. Her uncle started treating her as special and molesting her when she was 9. At 17, she started telling him “no”. One night he broke into her bedroom and beat her. She told her boyfriend, he suggested they elope, they had a registry marriage and she never went home again. Since then, her family cut her off. Her husband is supportive (that’s nice), and helped her file the case against her uncle.

You know who this reminds me of? Eleanor Roosevelt. No really. There was a book on the Roosevelts I read that included a story of how when she was a teenager, she was an orphan living in the family home and she had to put things in front of her bedroom door at night because her drunk uncles would come back in the middle of the night and rattle the doorknob and try to get in, and it scared her. And then Franklin proposed, and it seemed like a way to get safely out of the house, so she married him. Teenage girls living with uncles is not always a safe thing, no matter who you are, even if you are Eleanor Roosevelt and one of your non-drunk uncles is literally the President of the United States.

Eleanor Roosevelt – GRAVITAS MAGAZINE

Kareena’s Instagram is Delightful

I’ve been missing out by not checking it! For instance, check out this post about Inaaya making a family tree:

Or here is Taimur watching Kiaan (Karisma’s son) so they can be together through Skype.

Her Mother’s Day post

And for Karan’s birthday, a delightfully awkward old photo

Oh, and one final thing! There is a rumor going around that I do not believe for a second that Shahrukh will play a reporter in Maddy’s rocket movie. If this is true, will Shahrukh be sexier than Maddy or vice versa when they share screen space?

Dear Zindagi is Shah Rukh Khan's natural evolution, not a change ...
My Obsession — love-indian-actress: R.Madhavan as Prabhu...

14 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Am Productive!

  1. “Will Shahrukh be sexier than Maddy or vice versa when they share screen space?”

    We already saw it in Zero. Maddy had terrible hair and clothes to look unattractive, but still was better than little SRK (especially in the wedding scene)


    • BLASPHEMER!!!!!!!!!!!

      I agree that Maddy’s character was far more attractive, but even I who didn’t like the movie will say that Shahrukh had a strange sexual energy in it.

      On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 7:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • As a baby, I thought he looked exactly like his grandfather, but that might just be because all babies kind of look like Randhir.

      On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 7:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Those Taimur pictures are just precious! It’ll be interesting to see who he will resemble more when he grows up because now he looks to maybe take more from Kareena than Saif.

    By the way, Margaret, I found a *cheap* and *legal* way to see more Indian films and others, which means the “if it’s on prime here or not, because Finnish Netflix is bad” won’t be happening anymore! That is unless the movie is something by Eros, which means of course einthusan, but otherwise, I am completely sorted for future Friday viewings of movies through this summer!


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