Friday Watchalong! Loins of Punjab Presents! My Favorite NRI Comedy! Watch it Here

Yaaaaaaaaay! I finally get to make you all watch this! NRI comedy, English language, 90 minutes long. Available for rent on youtube and googleplay, or at the link I am about to post below.

This is just a fun light happy movie. Nothing “happens” exactly, there is no plot, you just relax and enjoy the experience. And only 90 minutes, to make up for us starting late today (4pm Chicago time instead of 3pm).

Here’s the good link:

At 4pm Chicago time, we will all hit Play and I will start commenting right on this post, and you can add in your own comments too. It will be fun!

183 thoughts on “Friday Watchalong! Loins of Punjab Presents! My Favorite NRI Comedy! Watch it Here

  1. The end things are fun, love that Josh became a playback singer. Too bad that Preeti has to have her dad as her manager.


  2. Hey Kirre! The Vimeo file I sent you, I think it is posted by Christopher Dhillon? He was just listed as editor, so I guess it is a semi-legit post.

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  3. “Mr. White” the corporate sponser guy was played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Aditya’s younger brother who went on to a be in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deeani and Delhi Belly.

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  4. This was so much fun to finally see! Truly lives up to all the hype and the humour was so good and the adorable couple was adorable!!! Remembering to write ‘vimeo’ next time I feel like seeing this. Also, happy Juhannus or Finnish Midsummer!

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  5. Oh, and Ajay Naidu (our rapper) wrote his own songs and sang them himself, I guess he is an actor/musician. Also, from Evanston! Where my Dad was born!


  6. And Ajay Naidu’s wife is Heather Burns who I will love forever because she played Miss Rhode Island in Miss Congeniality. I’m not the only one who loved that character, right?


    • You are not. I’m obsessed with her character too. Also very appropriate to watch this in April given that April 25 is her favorite date!


  7. I am so sad I missed this yesterday. I was in charge of family game night yesterday so I was frantically coming up with trivia questions. Looking forward to watching it today and reading all the comments.


        • Same! And I don’t react like that to the K3G scene. I’m gonna have to think about this, there’s something there about America in particular.

          On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 8:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. Ah, I love it when my kid takes a long nap. Got to watch this today, real fun.

    Was Shabana doing her own singing? That sounded pretty decent, while the other final girls seemed to be doing playback.

    Parts of the situation reminded me of the Indian film festival in Germany I went to several years in a row for a while. They had a Greek guy singing Bollywood songs every year, I think after he had won a competition in his first year. They had a totally over the top sponsor guy hogging the spotlight. They had “guest stars” of basically any level of fame in Germany or India. In fact, once one of them was Josh’s girlfriend with her next film, “Outsourced”.

    By the way, where could I have seen Josh’s actor before? Or is his just such a generic face?


    • So glad you got to see it!

      I have no idea about singing, but I am going to guess that they all did their own. Partly because no one sounded really really spectacular, just like good amatuer singers.

      Looks like the Josh actor has only been in a few movies, and this is the most famous one. So he must just have one of those faces.

      On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 10:46 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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