Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away On RD Burman’s Birthday!!!!

Happy Saturday! And Happy RD Burman Day! Let us all create ridiculous art that is decades ahead of it’s time, and also wear cool black rimmed glasses.

I’m gonna do errands today! Curbside pick-up groceries, so exciting. And then come home and maybe take a nap. A while Saturday indeed.

Anyway, stuff to talk about!

How great was it that RD Burman wooed and won an older divorced woman, Asha Bhosle, partly because he respected her as an artist? What other real life couples can you think of who are like that? Two independent talented artists who came together as mature equals?

Asha Bhosle shares throwback picture with legendary singer RD ...

If you were making a list of Indian popular composers and RD Burman was at the top (obviously), who would be just below him? AR Rahman, Ilaiyaraaja, maybe RD’s own father? Who’s on your list?

Who comes close to this?

And finally, who would win your personal RD Burman award for Most Original Composer working today? I’m gonna go Amit Trivedi, he’s not always my favorite, but he’s got a ridiculous number of genres he’s worked in, and he never sounds the same twice.

Same composer wrote the raps for Udta Punjab! Mindblowing, right?

And final question, what is your favorite RD Burman song?

I feel like this is a boring choice, but “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha”

Okay, now you can talk about my questions or anything else you want!

36 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away On RD Burman’s Birthday!!!!

  1. Are you planning on watching Swaraโ€™s new series on Prime, Rasbhari?

    Here is the trailer

    I am really hoping to read your review given that the head of Indian sensor board, Prasoon Joshi, as usual, is completely missing the point and misrepresenting it and I am seeing Indian reviewers jumping on this bang wagon. I hope this series and Swara gets a fair review, and I trust yours.


    • Trailer has no subs! Can you confirm what I got from it?

      Our protagonist is a teenage boy. His new teacher is Swara, super sexy. His father gets him extra tuitions with her and also falls under her spell. Our hero kisses her cheek and she slaps him and throws him out. But then his friend says there is a woman in the red light district who looks exactly like the teacher. He goes to see her, and she does look like the teacher (also played by Swara) and is super sexy. He is all confused, society gets all confused, everyone is angry at Swara Teacher for being sexy, and Swara Prostitute looking the same way is getting people more upset.

      I am least sure of that second half, with the second Swara. Is there a second Swara?

      On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 7:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Oh thank goodness! I was really worried that no subtitles on the trailer would mean no subtitles on the show.

          On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 8:07 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I realised anyone who doesn’t know me might not realise that was sarcasm. If they cared, they’d do something about marital rape laws and the fact that India has the highest number of underage marriages for girls in the world. The censor can shove off, frankly.

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        • Did you know for a while the age for statutory rape was 18 and the age for legal marriage was 15? Could not have been more explicit that India does not believe in marital rape! And that “rape” is considered part of an attack on the right of family/society to determine who has sexual access to a woman, not merely whether or not the woman gives consent. How can the same young girl who is not emotionally/mentally able to give consent suddenly magically be okay with it after going through a wedding ceremony?

          Also, I refer you to yesterday’s post where I ended up doing a deep deep dive into the history of child marriages! Cuts both ways, one of my examples was a boy married at 14 to a 26 year old woman, and a father by the time he was 16.

          On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 7:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Yeah exactly.

            I saw it but I won’t comment because I could rant about it for days. But I can’t resist swiping at the censor board, worrying about a girl dancing in a movie when all this is going on in real life every day. Not that culture can’t contribute to legitimisation of harmful patriarchal notions, but honestly I think it would achieve more if they banned heroines being way younger than heroes in movies and giving women fewer lines than men in movies.


          • Actresses being younger than actors, not so much a problem for me. But characters having an age gap, YES! What if we made a rule that characters had to clearly state at some point within the film their intended ages and, if the gape was 10 years or more, they had to discuss that as an issue in the relationship? Like, I really liked De De Pyaar De largely because it dealt with the 20 year age gap as a major issue that troubled both leads and almost broke them up. The casting reflected that age gap, no problem there. 3 Idiots, big age gap between the actor and actress, but they convincingly played the same age. But Salman’s movies where he is a mysterious non-specified age and his heroine is a mysterious non-specified age and the audience is allowed to fill in the possibility that it is a “romantic” situation where she is a naive young thing and he is 20 years older. I’d like to force them to spell that out and address it.


  2. My favourite RD Burman song is Raina Beeti Jaye.The use of Raga Khamaaj with a sprinkling of Todi is soothing like a lullaby but at the same time,the music sounds so rich without an extensive use of instruments.Even SD Burman used the same combination of Khamaaj and Todi in Piya Tose Naina Lage Re.While there are musicians that I like more than Pancham Da,he was certainly one of the most creative and innovative musicians of his time.
    In the modern day,Sanchit Balhara and Amit Trivedi are wonderful.I love AR Rehman,but it seems like he doesn’t put his blood and sweat in every little project.It is his major projects that are astonishingly brilliant.


    • I love it when composers use simple arrangements. It’s easy to have a lot of fancy instruments and counter-melodies and so on and trick the ear into being interested in the song, but using on a few instruments to have a simple melody and still make it pleasant to the listener, that is hard!


  3. I’m not really hugely into RD, because he steals too much from other songs. It takes me out of the movie to suddenly be listening to a song I already know, or bits of songs I know, from real life. I also deeply, deeply dislike his singing voice. But when he does a song I like I REALLY like it.

    My favourite of his is undoubtedly this:

    It always gets me how genuinely moving this song is in the movie even though it is picturised on Shashi Kapoor pretending to rollerskate while playing the accordeon and singing about how sad he is. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and once you’ve seen it you never forget it. That is true art.


  4. Amit Trivedi also did the background score for Bulbbul, which explains so much why it’s so good and noticeable. I hope they release a BGM soundtrack for it.

    As for favourite RD Burman song, it would have to be this classic from Sholay.


  5. RDB’s singing voice is so at odds with his appearance! I just don’t expect guttural yelling from a person with that face!
    Some of my favorites:
    RDB’s fun cabaret type songs are great but he had such lovely lyrical songs too.

    Recently watched this movie and I absolutely loved this song (and Tina Munim who’s in the second half but for some reason isn’t credited so I thought she was still Poonam Dhillon when I first watched this and was very confused)

    Rajesh Khanna really creeps me out in this song! But it’s such a nice song!

    Finally the Bengali version of Jaane Ja Dhoondta Phir Raha that he sang with Asha. This is also how his voice apparently sounds like when he isn’t doing the guttural yelling thing.

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  6. Any chance you will watch Krishna and His Leela on netflix? Telugu movie presented by Rana and Ravi Perupu as the director. Got some good reviews for its potrayal of women. I might watch this tomorrow.


  7. I think Anupam and Kirron Kher have a similar story. I’d go for Amit Trivedi too, I also like Ram Sampath. I’m not gonna think this too much or I’ll have a list of RDB songs, so I’ll go with Kya Hua Tera Wada

    Even I miss my childhood betrothed when I hear the song, though I don’t have one!


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