Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day after RD Burman’s Birthday?

Happy Monday! I have 3 more days at my parents and I am just crawling through. My parents are lovely people of course, but I’m in that zone of “I can’t do anything now, but OMG I will have so much stuff to do in 3 days” which is stressful in a particular way. I keep obsessive planning like that’s gonna make things easier.

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Happy Independence Day!!!! Post 1 of Many, 1942: A Love Story

My local bank has this funky series of plaques along the side based on an editorial from the local paper from like 1954 called “Can We Wave the Flag Too Much?”  This, my answer is going to be “No!”, at least if we are talking about the Indian flag.  And so, a series of short posts suggesting some patriotic viewing choices on the ramp up to Independence Day.  Also, some nice counter-programming to the Jab Harry Met Sejal bonanza.

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Happy Birthday RD Burman! The Greatest Composer Until Rahman

Now, on Rahman’s birthday, I will call him “the Greatest Composer Since RD Burman” and it will be an equal compliment.  The two of them are up there, all by themselves, on the list of popular film composers.  For his birthday, I will give you 55 reasons to love him (mostly songs)

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