It’s Hot! I’m Putting Up a Post of Cooling Things

It is sooooooooooooo hot today. I mentioned we’ve been having hot-rain-hot-rain-hot-rain? Well, today has just been hot-hot-hot-hot! Like, dripping sweat off my eyebrows hot. I think it is time for us to watch some cooling songs.

I want to be on a snowy mountain top! Preferably not just wearing a sari, but I would take even that. Although a Betty Boop sweater would be better. “Tu Mere Saamne”

Wait, forget snowy mountain tops! I want fall! Light jackets, crisp breezes, flavored hot coffees, yum! “Mitwa”

And of course fall in my favorite city, “Tu Hi Junoon” with lovely Chicago.

Or how about a nice cool hill station? Like in Koode?

Or, London! Grey stone, rainy weather, wool coats. Ahhhh, that’s nice. “Challa”

Okay, I’m beginning to feel a bit cooler. How about you?

16 thoughts on “It’s Hot! I’m Putting Up a Post of Cooling Things

  1. Just rewatched Laila Majnu (einthusan without subtitles, but it’s easy to understand what’s going on if you know basic Hindi and the original story anyway) so adding this song to cool us down. You should see it, worth the watch even without the subtitles. This song is one reason I am so much in love with the Avinash Tripti Jodi, they just ooze comfortable trusting chemistry.

    Also, Avinash has a habit of having loving eyes every time Tripti talks in interviews (noticed it with the Bulbbul ones) and hyping her a lot with such affection. He is such a gentleman too, holding the mike for when she was interviewed for the movie at one point. Just watch this promo they did for the movie! Sorry, these two have just stolen my heart. I may not have been there for the original SRK and Kajol movie hype originally, but I sure am happy to be there for the DeepVeer and these two.


    • Oooo, sprayed with a garden hose. I could be up for that today.

      On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 1:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’ve been listening to Challa on repeat lately…love watching him be the fun energetic Shah Rukh that I love. Although I love broody middle aged Shah Rukh. Come to think of it very few Shah Rukhs I don’t like. Remember when we were kids they would open fire hydrants for kids to run around? Is it just me? One of the sweet memories of childhood in Queens.


    • In Chicago, that caused one of our (many) race riots. The fire commissioner, who was a total idiot, decided to crack down on opening fire hydrants, the police arrested a Black man for opening one, and the west side rose up in protest. This is the same commissioner who set off the city wide emergency alarm system when the White Sox won the world series which was quite upsetting for many people, seeing as this was in the middle of the Cold War.

      I can’t fully enjoy Challa because I am so distracted by the young-but-not effect. The make up and performance goes a long way, but having actually seen Shahrukh when he was young, I still can’t quite buy it.

      On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 12:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Straight up frolicking in the snow

    Yashji was all for snow, mountains, flowing rivers and cool winds, he was totally feeling you 🙂
    Kyon Hawa – just listening to the lyrics gives me a cool sensation

    Barso Re – for the joy of getting drenched

    Dil ye Dil – Juhi and Anil being cute in the mountains


  4. Inappropriately dressed Kajol frolicking in the snow in Shimla will cool you right down. She must’ve been freezing!


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