4th of July Post: An American Product India Could Imitate! The All Female Cast Movie

Yes, this is yet another Hollywood-India combo ideas post. Don’t care, it’s hot, I like escaping into my own mind.

Hollywood follows a firm policy of “let’s put all the women and minorities in the SAME FILM. And then we don’t have to deal with them the rest of the year”. It means those one films are a delight, totally full to the brim with amazing characters and performances from people who don’t usually get to play amazing characters. But a bit frustrating that you have to wait alllllll year (or sometimes multiple years) for that one really good women’s movie, or really good Black movie, or really good whatever.

Anyway, India can take the good and leave the bad! Let them keep making movies with interesting female roles in addition to the heroes, but also remake these great all female movies from America. And bonus, we here at DCIB can have fun recasting them.

Mona Lisa Smile

After talking about this one with Filmikudhi in the comments today, I put it on in the background while I worked and rewatched it. And it continues to be a mixture of the obvious and the unusual. I want to keep the unusual and get rid of the obvious.

The original film is set in 1950s Wellesley (top woman’s college in America). It has a pretty obvious message about the way the reactionary 1950s walked back the progress of the 1940s in terms of women’s rights. And it also has a pretty obvious performance at the center of a big eyed young new female professor Julia Roberts who magically opens the eyes of her students. I want to dump the period piece part of it, stick it right in present day India instead. And I want to dump the big eyed young new female professor and instead make it an old tough experienced professor who challenges her young students.

Oh, and I also want to dump the super rich upper class “the best” gloss of the original. There’s no real reason it has to be set at The Best Woman’s College, it could just as well be set at A Very Good Woman’s College. They all have the same history. Originally founded in a brave gesture of radical rebellion for women’s education, eventually co-opted by the establishment as a little flourish to a wife’s resume, and then sometimes re-re co-opted by radicals again. Or at least occasionally turning out a nice old-fashioned rebellious woman.

Right, here’s what I want to keep! Our central 4 female students who are very different from each other, and friends in that way you are friends without thinking about it just because it’s college and you are all there together. Until one special teacher shakes things up and their lives go in delightfully unexpected directions.

I’ll go least to most complex. Student 1, “the slut”. She drinks, she talks about sex, she has an unhealthy affair with an older teacher, and then a series of other older men, and her parents are divorced. But, surprise, she ends up graduating without being in a relationship and being a more loyal friend than all the others, all the men are just a distraction, she is ready to dedicate herself to her friendships and her own dreams.

Maggie in Mona Lisa Smile - Maggie Gyllenhaal Image (736447) - fanpop

Student 2, “the chubby one”. She has terribly low self-esteem and assumes every man is just a pity date (not helped by her friends all telling her they are finding her pity dates). At a wedding, she has what she thinks is a “pity dance” and politely tells the guy he is free to leave her alone, but he insists he actually enjoyed dancing with her and asks if he can keep seeing her. He’s nice and skinny and wears glasses and not the greatest catch either. They keep seeing each other and writing to each other and finally going on a romantic weekend away together. Until her friend convinces her that he is secretly seeing another “better” girl and the romantic weekend away was actually hiding her from his friends. She stops answer his letters, and sees him again at a dance with someone else, where he (almost in tears) explains that he only started dating this other girl because she suddenly stopped talking to him without an explanation. She is heartbroken, she ruined this good thing because of her own self-doubt. Until she hears he might be free again, and runs into the boy’s dorm to find him and declare her love and ask him to take her back. HAPPY ENDING. Surprise, the “chubby girl” and “glasses boy” end up having the most dramatic and romantic love story of them all.

Mona Lisa Smile - Ginnifer Goodwin चित्र (731637 ...

Student 3, “the smart one”. She loves the challenging teacher and defends her to the other students. She dreams of law school and the teacher encourages her in that. She also has a really nice boyfriend who thinks she is wonderful and loves when she speaks up and challenges him. She gets in to law school and is putting off her boyfriend from setting a date. And then, suddenly, she elopes. The teacher tries to convince her to still go to law school, but she explains she really truly does not want to, not as much as she wants to be married to her wonderful guy and have a family with him. She might regret not going to law school some day, but not as much as she would regret not having these happy family years now. She actually puts the teacher on the backfoot, realizing that just because she chose something her teacher didn’t want for her, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s her choice and she is making it for her own reasons. HAPPY ENDING. Surprise, the smartest girl might also be someone who is sincerely looking forward to being a homemaker for now.

Mona Lisa Smile

Student 4, “the proper one”. Her mother is the chair of the supervising board driving the school towards a conservative attitude. She takes that role among the students, challenging the teacher in class and in editorials for the school paper. She is already engaged and planning her wedding, expecting to finish her last year of school post-marriage. She has a large proper wedding, and after marriage disappears for a bit, before returning to school more difficult than ever. She snipes at all her friends, breaks up “the chubby one”s romance with her rumors, viciously attacks “the slut” for her looseness, just generally is horrible. The only time she softens is when her husband is around, and suddenly she appears scared and insecure. Until she breaks down, bursting out in anger at “the slut” for having an affair with a married man and chasing someone who doesn’t love her, until “the slut” embraces her and forces her to cry and admit her husband is cheating and she wants out of the marriage. At graduation, she announces to the teacher that she has filed for divorce, and to her mother that she is getting an apartment with “the slut” and starting a new life. Maybe law school. HAPPY ENDING. Surprise, the proper girl ended up turning out to be the one who needed to rebel the most.

Mona Lisa Smile~ Wedding Dress | Wedding dresses, Wedding movies ...

You see why I so want this to be made in India? Maybe make the teacher the principal of the college who is increasingly disturbed by the conservative trend of the board and so comes out of retirement to teach again. And that’s basically it, everything else can be kept the same. 4 young heroines, all with fascinating journeys.

Steel Magnolias

Another rare all female film! The stage play it is based on is literally all female, no male roles at all. 6 women in a small town supporting each other. The center of it is The Matriarch, mother of 3 boys and one daughter. Then there is The Eccentric Spinster, the Dignified Widow, and the Sexy Wise Hairdresser. And the younger generation, the Mysterious Shy Newcomer, and the Difficult Daughter.

The central plot is all about The Matriarch. First she is organizing her daughter’s wedding and worrying over her health with the stress. Then she is worried and angry when she learns her daughter is pregnant, despite the health complications. Finally she is strong and sad when her daughter slips into a coma and then dies.

The Movie Queen Latifah Has 'Seen A Million Times' | WHQR

Around the edges, we have the Eccentric Spinster softening just a hair towards the people around her. The Widow slowly blossoming up to live again. The Newcomer trying on various personas before finally landing on something that fits for her and starting to date a nice local boy. And the Difficult Daughter struggling with all her decisions she knows her mother will not approve of. The Sexy Wise Hairdresser obviously doesn’t change at all because she is already perfect.

So long as we keep the idea of it being about female friendships, and the central story of The Matriarch fighting for and with her daughter and then surviving her, I think we’ve got a lot of space to play around the edges! Maybe set it in a Delhi neighborhood instead of a small town? Perhaps make the Sexy Wise Hairdresser a Hijra? Give the Dignified Widow a romance? Cut the Shy Newcomer since she doesn’t really have a lot to do? Give the Eccentric Spinster more opportunities to be awesome and strong and eccentric?


10 thoughts on “4th of July Post: An American Product India Could Imitate! The All Female Cast Movie

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  2. Mona Lisa Smile is such a good film I’ve seen many times. Saw it as a teenager and fell in love with the music especially with its 50s classics with modern singers, ‘Istanbul’ especially being a favourite number of mine. Didn’t think much about the plot (still in the headspace of period drama not realising the speciality of it being women-led) or the characters, but I found Giselle very interesting even then. A BIG YES FOR AN INDIAN REMAKE OF THIS! Like ‘Chak De’ with large diversity of women and status’ all over India in this one college and getting happy endings for themselves.

    Haven’t seen Steel Magnolias yet to comment on it.


    • Yes! I love the idea of women from all over India! Although I would want to keep it firmly upper middle-class all around, but that’s still an interesting mixture. One of them can be the daughter of a very wealthy landed family who expects her to marry and run a large estate, one of them can be the daughter of urban industrialist royalty, maybe our Giselle is half-white daughter of intellectuals and struggles with that stigma, and so on. This school is the really really good school where you can send your daughter, if you don’t feel safe sending her all the way overseas or to a co-ed school. So families who are rich and connected, but still traditional enough not to want their daughters living alone overseas or at co-ed schools. Plus Giselle who just wanted more of an “Indian” identity and resisted being sent overseas.

      Maybe the smart one who is happy being married is the one from the landed family? She truly loves her cousin/fiance, he’s educated and intelligent and has similar interests, and she loves their land, and their village, and all of it. She dreams of going on to grad school and having a career, but in the end she truly would rather marry and run the estate and do the good she can in the village. And the industrialist royalty is our “proper” one, pretending to herself she is marrying for love and compatibility with a boy she has known for ages when really it is part of a business deal, her mother expects her to use her education to be a good hostess for her husband’s international business connections, and to run charity schools. But she decides she wants a divorce and she wants to get a business degree and maybe start her own company instead of just helping her husband with his, and Giselle is going to be her roommate. The “chubby one” can be the daughter of a nice stable business family, one who owns a chain of sari stores or something, not the international super rich but very firmly established. She expects to have an arranged marriage (even though her “pretty” older sister just married for love, it isn’t a family taboo) because she is practical and “homely” and not meant for Grand Romance, and then is shocked when she falls into a Grand Romance after all.

      On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 5:43 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Yes to everything! And I want the lesbian school nurse (the Juliet Stevenson role) be there as a support for them while being in a healthy relationship with the biology teacher (she was dead in the movie) or for her to find love again with someone like the school librarian or the old teacher who returns to realise her old crush is at the school as a teacher too.


        • Oh oh! I have it! The board makes the headmistress fire the school nurse (not knowing that the headmistress and nurse have been together for decades, just because the nurse is giving out birth control). The headmistress and the nurse have a big fight over the way the school is going, the nurse thinks she should stand up to the board more even if it means she might be removed, and the next morning the nurse is gone, leaving a note behind saying she is staying with her brother and his family, she can’t love a coward. So the whole movie is kind of a love letter to the nurse.

          Even better, it’s a late in film reveal! We see the nurse be fired and talk back to the board in the meeting, then we see the headmistress announce she is going to teach a class again and everyone be surprised, then the whole rest of the film, and finally at graduation the headmistress goes to be alone in her classroom and the nurse shows up and they run into each other’s arms and kiss. And then we get a flashback showing the nurse and headmistress together and in love, then her being fired and their fight, then the headmistress writing letters describing the students and what she is doing all year and the nurse reading them. So we learn way at the end of the movie that it was always a love story, underneath.

          On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 8:51 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. How about Mystic Pizza? Three young women (maybe cousins?) working together in say a sweet shop. One is clearly going to marry a nice local boy but keeps putting off the engagement, one is super smart and has scored high enough to get into an ITT school and is having an ill-advised flirtation with one of her teachers, and the third stumbles into a meeting with a rich boy and is dealing with class issues. Seems like you could easily adapt it for India.


    • YES! I love this! And you can even keep it as a Pizza shop, there’s a lot of little pizza places in India now I think. Keep them cousins, why not, and the shop is owned by their cheerful indulgent bachelor uncle. Can we add a subplot about the girls trying to set their lovely shy uncle up with the nice widow who just moved into the neighborhood?

      On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 12:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. There’s gotta be some way The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants would work in India. That’s the only female led film I can think of, aside from Bridesmaids, which they already tried.


    • Oh, it could totally work. 4 college roommates, going home post-graduation, some of them planning grad school, others just figuring out their lives. Could even keep the pants, but with a new meaning since wearing jeans has an added rebellious meaning.

      On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 2:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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