Chocolate Heroes for Chocolate Day!

Chocolate hero! Such a delightfully evocative phrase. And such a delightful collection of nice non-threatening young men.

I heard somewhere, but am still not sure it is true, that “chocolate hero” came from the practice of putting male film star photos on chocolate boxes.  So a Chocolate Hero or “Chocolate Boy”, is the kind of actor that dreamy teenage girls might want to look at while eating chocolate.  Not macho, not threatening, just sort of pretty and smile-y with eyes that say “eat your chocolate, I don’t care what you look like, I will always love you”.

Let us first define what they are not.  They are not scarily sexy, like too sexy for you to be comfortable with when you are only 13.  So, never John Abraham.

John Abraham Channels His Shirtless Pose From Dostana for Dabboo ...

They are also not mature and strong and tough.  So, never Ajay Devgan.

Related image

(His first movie.  Greatest. Poster. Of. All. Time)

Oh, and they certainly aren’t OLD!!!!  So, not present day Anil Kapoor.  Because teenage girls have no taste.

Image result for anil kapoor dil dhadakne do

But yes 1980s Anil Kapoor!  Not too sexy, not too strong, not too old,

Image result for anil kapoor young

Now that we fully understand the terms, grab your chocolate boxes and start eating while I give you pictures to look at.  All the Khans started out this way, first Aamir, telling us with his eyes to eat that chocolate, he still thinks we are cute and will pass notes to us in class.

Related image

Then Salman, he likes watching us eat chocolate, and then showing off by doing handstands and stuff on the bleachers at the gym.

Image result for salman khan young

And then Shahrukh, the wise-cracking class clown type who will make us laugh so hard we accidentally spit out chocolate, and get embarrassed, but he makes us laugh about that too until we feel better.

Image result for shahrukh khan young

Some men are never chocolate heroes.  Suniel and Akshay, for instance, they were way way too manly and challenging right from the start.  But others take forever to grow out of it.  Saif, for instance.

Image result for saif ali khan 90s

Shahid Kapoor was another one, just had this sweet baby face for the longest time, totally dreamy and non-threatening.  Very much what we in America of a certain age might call “Tiger Beat”

Image result for shahid kapoor young

Imraan Khan briefly popped up to challenge Shahid’s throne as Top Chocolate Boy of the 2000s

Related image

Before they were both defeated by Ranbir Kapoor, a Chocolate Hero for All Time, since he seems to have no urge to try to age out of that category.

Related image

He comes by it honestly, his father Rishi was a similar Chocolate Hero for All Time, Playing romantic leads from 21

Related image

To 41

Related image

I’m not going to forget our regional industries!  Although I feel like “Chocolate Hero” is more of a Hindi film thing somehow.  But Dulquer also absolutely fills it, probably why he is transitioning so well.

Image result for dulquer salmaan

And there’s Varun Tej in Telugu

Image result for varun tej

Nani, he’s a tricky one, beginning to age out of the chocolate hero status but not quite there yet.  More of that slightly older cleverer college age big brother of your friend that you have a secret crush on.

Image result for nani

And also he is really cute with babies,

Related image

And finally, our one true literal Chocolate Hero

Image result for shahrukh chocolate

Finally, and most importantly and I do beg his forgiveness for waiting so long, I give you young Maddy!  Much much young Maddy.

Related image
Image result for madhavan young
Image result for madhavan young

But not present Maddy.  Too old, too strong, and much much much much much too sexy.

Image result for madhavan vikram vedha

Also by popular request, Varun!  Our newest Chocolate Hero entry.  And he seems to be actively going after that status, being nice and kind to all his little fans.

Related image

And giving us nice photos that are appropriately sexy for a young person trying on emotions without being ready to fully commit to them.

Image result for varun dhawan

Sidharth Malhotra has the wonderful talent of never being that interesting.  He will always be a nice pretty face that you can put your own innocent desires on to without feeling threatened by a strong personality.

Image result for sidharth malhotra

Present Day Southern Sid definitely has that personality.  But youthful gangly Southern Sid, he was all about being the fantasy boyfriend who would hug and hold hands and tell you that you are beautiful, but never ask for anything more.

Image result for siddharth tamil actor

Abhay Deol, similarly for a few brief moments early on, was that perfect easy Chocolate Hero, before growing up and getting complicated.

Image result for abhay deol young

And of course same goes for his cousin Bobby!

DEOLOMANIA RusForum on Twitter: "#BobbyDeol #90s photo from the ...

But what about India’s First Family of Film?  I already gave you Ranbir and Rishi, but I skipped the old classics, the original Chocolate Heroes, Shammi.

Image result for =shammi kapoor young

And of course, Shashi!

Image result for shashi kapoor young

And finally, my choice for the greatest Chocolate Hero of all time (feel free to disagree of course), Rajesh Khanna!!!!! 

Image result for rajesh khanna young

And he never really grew up

Related image


A special treat for my Malayalam readers, Chocolate Hero Mohanlal

Image result for young mohanlal

Now, important questions!

If you were to make a chocolate box for yourself, who would you put on the lid?

Being an adult woman, not at 13 year old, I think I might go for Adult Maddy

Image result for madhavan vikram vedha

And if you were to make a chocolate box for a 13 year old who is attracted to men, who would you put on the cover?

I guess young Shahrukh? gotta train them up right, plus he is all non-conventional looking and smart and sensitive, and those are good things for 13 year olds to appreciate

Image result for shahrukh khan young

15 thoughts on “Chocolate Heroes for Chocolate Day!

  1. Madhavan is the greatest Chocolate Hero that can ever exist. Young Maddy I am sure has inspired many men to be like his characters.


  2. Yay! I was scrolling down and about to suggest Varun and then you did!! Siddharth is chocolate, but like. White chocolate. Highly milk at the most. Never dark.

    Now, the first chocolate girl to come to mind? Hmmm. Madhuri. Not from the viewpoint of teenage boys, but from the point of view of slightly adolescent me.


    • Agree on Siddharth as highly milk. not a very strong chocolate at all, which is part of his appeal. Completely safe and unthreatening.

      I feel like Madhuri might be too much to be a Chocolate Girl. Maybe young Madhuri, like Tezaab era. And in present day, I’d say Shraddha Kapoor more than anyone. Sexy, sweet, nice, not scary, a good practice fantasy girlfriend.

      On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 1:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. There’s a Telugu comedy movie Ananganaga Oka Roju by Ram Gopal Varma, in which the villain gangster keeps on eating chocolates.
    Similarly in Bhumika’s Missamma (I have recommended this movie many times ), there’s a character who watches Tom&Jerry while munching chocolate, sounds funny, but makes hero’s life miserable.
    May be you can make a post on chocolates eating characters or best chocolate eating scenes (not sex 🙂)!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I couldn’t get Sid M out of my head after that description, so I’m super glad he made it to the list. I’d put him on for myself, but I also can’t get over your choice of Shahid on Tiger Beat. It’s perfect, that photo is perfect, that’s who I would go with for the teens.


    • Oh right, you have teens in front of you! young minds to mold. You should give them all photos of Shahid.

      On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 4:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Definitely reminiscent of Tiger Beat when I read it. Not sure what type of man my students would be into today. Two years ago, one girl explained to me who Kartik Aryan is because she was convinced she was going to marry him. One student this year went on about her love for SRK. Another is very into Ranbir. When Baaghi 2 came out, one girl was so excited for it, but this year most of them openly despised Tiger, except one girl who kept denying her crush on him. They even trashed War, which hurt my soul.


    • Yes! He is such an action hero now, everyone forgets he started as a swoony romantic Chocolate boy.

      On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 9:51 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


      Liked by 1 person

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