Vacation Report: I Sat in the Lake for 2 Hours and Got Sun-Burned!

Did you notice I only had two posts yesterday? And neither of them were really long or deep? Nah, you probably didn’t notice. Anyway, it was because I was busy sitting in a lake and getting sunburned.

Remember when you were a little girl and you helped Dad with projects, which meant sitting there holding a wrench in place for hours while he did stuff? Or was that just me? My Dad likes doing projects, and he likes hanging out with his kids, and often combined the two. Mostly with good results. There was that one time when my sister was about 4 and my Dad and Grandpa were trying to fix the furnace. My Mom went off to put me down for a nap or something and came back and there was Dad and Grandpa, and no little girl. She asked “where’s Sister?” and they pointed into the furnace duct. Conveniently, a four year old girl was just the right size to crawl into the furnace and find the problem! Worked great. My mother didn’t see it that way and made them pull her out again, but for a while there it was real fun.

Salman Khan-starrer 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' crosses Rs 200-crore mark ...
See this little girl? Perfect size for duct work!

Anyway, yesterday my Dad wanted to move the brackets on the boat lift. Which meant sitting in 2 feet of water trying to unscrew gunky wet algae covered nuts. I sat there and held the wrench while my father ran into the house to get increasingly elaborate tools to help solve the problem. While he was running to get more tools, I got to do a quick swim, then come back and sit in the water holding a wrench some more. It ended up with him getting the hacksaw and sawing the thing off. Who knew you could do that! It was just like in a movie when the prisoners escape from jail by sawing through the bars.

The best Sholay character? VOTE! - movies
If they’d had a hacksaw, and a little girl to hold the wrench, they could have gotten out in no time!

It was actually kind of the perfect afternoon, I got to sit in bathtub temperature water (the lake is 81 degrees now, which if you know lake temperatures, is almost unheard of. Blessings of the heat wave!), learn about every tool in the toolbox (so many different kinds of pliers!) and feel like I was accomplishing something, even though I was just sitting there. And after all of that, we are still only about half done. More lake sitting in my future!

Much like Saif and Akshay here

Oh, and my back got a little sunburned, but it was totally worth it.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Report: I Sat in the Lake for 2 Hours and Got Sun-Burned!

      • I remember a different family story and now I’m wondering if they merged in our heads. In the one I remember, I fell into the basement sump.


  1. I envy you. All I ever got to do was hold the vacuum cleaner when my dad was drilling holes in the walls. Still, your sister’s adventure sounds vaguely related to one of our holidays with my grandparents. My granddad was fixing something on the roof and had positioned both his little granddaughters (I as the elder was at most six) safely on a beam. Then he went down, got his camera and took a picture from the ground. I think my grandma might have wanted to kill him.


    • That sounds adorable! I’m with your Grandpa on this one.

      On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 1:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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