What Movie Should We Watch on Friday? Love Breakups Zindagi, 2 States, or Do Dooni Char, or Something Else?

It’s a fun birthday week this week! Zayed Khan, Revathi, and Neetu Singh, all of whom were part of small pleasant happy films that are just prime options for a Friday Watchalong. Or, alternatively, we could watch something complete different! I am open to suggestions! Is this finally the week for Ohm Shaanti Oshaana?

Love Breakups Zindagi

A micro-budget wedding romance movie, like the budget is so small we don’t even see wedding guests beyond our central group of friends. But very pleasant. Nothing super groundbreaking here, two young people meet during the two week wedding prep and celebration period for their respective best friends, they become good friends in that bubble of wedding time and then return to their separate cities and separate lives, staying friends but nothing more because she has a boyfriend and they live in separate cities and it just doesn’t make sense. And then Shahrukh Khan appears and tells them to believe in love. Oh, and it’s on Prime and also GooglePlay. And free on youtube.

2 States

I really wanted to do Mitr My Friend, Revathi’s directing movie, but I cannot find it ANYWHERE with subtitles. If you can find it, let me know, and that will jump to the top of the list. Anyway, this is an alternate choice. It has Angie’s One True Love Arjun Kapoor, and Alia in a slightly age inappropriate role but still good. A nice fun romance with a little undercurrent of darkness in the unseen and unlabeled abusive father/husband. Revathi plays Alia’s mother and is delightful, conveying how she is feeling mostly in small disturbed expressions, like a proper shy quiet mother would. And Amrita Singh is equally delightful as the complete opposite kind of mother. On Netflix.

Do Dooni Char

The great Neetu-Rishi romance of recent years. A loving couple in a small apartment with two children, he is an underpaid mathematics teacher who teaches at school all day and a coaching center all night and dreams of buying his family a car. That’s it, that’s the whole plot, underpaid high school teacher with the help of his supportive wife trying to buy his first car. Rishi fell in love with the script and convinced Neetu to listen to the narration, and she loved it so much she came out of retirement to play opposite him. So it’s a loving supportive middle-aged couple on screen and a loving supportive middle-aged couple off screen. Oh, and it’s On Netflix, and for rent everywhere.

6 thoughts on “What Movie Should We Watch on Friday? Love Breakups Zindagi, 2 States, or Do Dooni Char, or Something Else?

  1. I vote for Do Dooni Char. This is the type of part that Rishi shined in during the latter part of his career and it would be fun to see him and Neetu playing off each other.

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  2. Do Dooni Char! Would love to see Rishi and Neetu on screen again. And it’s Neetu’s birthday today, so why not watch a movie starring her this week 🧡

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