Amitabh Fest Counter-Programming: Katrina Kaif Outfits!

Along with being Amitabh Positive Thoughts week, it is also Katrina Kaif Birthday week. Thank goodness! We need some pleasant gossip happiness frivolity, and Kat is Here For Us.

I sincerely love Kat, I think she is a good human being and a far better actress than she gets credit for. But also, with all my love, I think she has TERRIBLE taste in formal clothes. And so, in a loving supportive way, let us try to decide which of her formal wear outfits was the worst.

FilmFare Glamour and Style Awards 2017. Unfortunately, half her dress got torn off in the car door and she had to patch it with a scarf.

Katrina Kaif in Jean Paul Gaultier – South India Fashion

2011 FilmFare Awards, she herself looks stunningly beautiful but somehow her outfit feels like the tacky overly sexy high school prom version of Indian formal wear, complete with push up bra.

Katrina Kaif At 56th Idea Filmfare Awards 2011 Event | Koimoi

2016 FilmFare glamour and Style Awards, her dress is actually super cute!!!! If she just had better make-up and some jewelry, any jewelry, it could be a winner!

Katrina Kaif at Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2016 Photos ...

Virat and Anushka’s wedding. Great hair, great make-up, great camera face, an outfit that seems to make NO SENSE

10 wedding-ready lehengas in Katrina Kaif's traditional wear ...

Vogue Woman of the Year. You know that saying “the dress was wearing her?” This is what they meant.

Vogue Women of The Year awards 2019: Katrina Kaif, Janhvi Kapoor ...

Hindustan Times Most Stylish 2019. It’s maybe too structured? Less “the dress is wearing her” and more “the dress is killing her”.

Katrina Kaif In Red Dress At HT Most Stylish Awards 2019 - YouTube

Lux Golden Rose Awards. It’s a completely fine dress, but on Kat, somehow feels like she is playing at being a debutante.

Shop colours, katrinakaif, material, party, style, accessories ...

IIFA Rocks 2019. I don’t mind the open front look, I just wish it fit!

Katrina Kaif s gown at IIFA Rocks 2019 | Katrina Kaif's Horrible ...

Rajneeti Premier. She accidentally put on the corset and forget the dress.

katrina-kaif-raajneeti-premiere-gauri-nainika - High Heel Confidential

Wedding (can’t identify). She accidentally wore the dress’s protective plastic cover and forgot the dress.

Katrina Kaif Wears Gauri And Nainika To A Wedding-2 - High Heel ...

Premier Jab Tak Hain Jaan. It looks kind of okay, until you realize for unknown reasons she is wearing a nude body suit.

Katrina Kaif in Tarun Tahiliani | PINKVILLA

And now, just to cleanse us, one that I absolutely unreservedly love. Look at this dress for the Jagga Jasoos promotions! This is what you wear when you have to work with your ex-boyfriend and you want him to know just how much he lost, and just how little you need him.

Katrina Kaif Daily on Twitter: "Katrina Kaif is glowing in this ...

14 thoughts on “Amitabh Fest Counter-Programming: Katrina Kaif Outfits!

    • I can’t even figure out why Anushka’s wedding dress is so terrible. Great color on her, perfect fit, lush fabric. But somehow put it all together and BLECH.


  1. Top 3 worst:
    1. Asymmetrical white plastic thing.
    2. Blue mermaid dress.
    3. Poorly fit suit dress with the Morticia Addams sleeves.


    • Anushka’s wedding dress! Now chosen twice!

      Yes that Asymmetrical white plastic thing is bad bad bad. And I didn’t even choose the picture where it looked like she only had one arm.


  2. Whatever she wears is just gorgeous.The definition of “make anything I wear pretty”even for those who don’t like her acting.Or didn’t.The 2011 Anarkali dress doesn’t do her any justice though.
    Did I just see roses embroidered on her last dress?That would honestly make a much better Belle dress than whatever Emma Watson wore in BATB 2017.Wait,wasn’t Jagga Jasoos promoted by Disney?


  3. I had no idea her dress sense/stylist was so bad. I think you’re right and she should wear simpler things. If she wore only single colour bandage dresses, imagine how great she’d look. That said, that Jessica Rabbit dress doesn’t suit her but it’s a banger of a dress and you can’t blame her for wanting to wear it no matter what.

    The wedding dress is absolutely the worst, second worst is Rajneeti premiere.


    • That wedding dress is a disaster! And it was such an important event to shine at, with the movers and shakers of the industry, taking her place on the guest list at an exclusive occasion, and she shows up wearing absolutely the wrong thing. Oh Kat!!!!

      A lot of the dresses when I was looking them up are designer fancy fancy things. But what struck me was that there was no alteration to them. Like, the red tight one, that exact same dress was worn by a bunch of international celebrities. It’s a great dress, but maybe if she was more confident in her dress sense, she would have pushed for modifications to make it work better for her. Or at least would have gotten hair-make up-jewelry to pull it together and make it feel like a “look” instead of just clothes that were thrown on her.


      • Modifications, and just tailoring to make it fit. It seems like she wears stuff off the rack which is unwise. That pink dress with the black flowers is too long, for instance. I guess she can’t afford a stylist to do those things for her, or doesn’t want one.

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        • Maybe she’s just not interested? In regular life, she seems like one of the most clothes-uninterested celebrities ever. Hardly ever wears make up, mostly in jeans and t-shirts. So maybe her stylist shows up with a dress and says “try it on and tell me what you think” and she says “oh, I’m sure it is fine”.

          Also, looks like she is mostly blessed with a perfect off the rack figure. These dresses are a little long or just not tailored exactly, but the waist and breast area is always perfect. I bet she can wear off the rack good enough that tailoring doesn’t seem worth it. But it IS!!!! Even if there are no obvious problems!!!!

          On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 9:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. She is so beautiful, I don’t who dress her but this person shuld be in jail. Kat definitely should wear simpler and sexy things, in strong colours (black, red) I still sometimes think about this amazing suit she was wearing in Zero, she should always dress like this! No more prom and sweet debutante dresses because it doesn’t suit her.
    I like IIFA Rocks 2019 look. The dress doesn’t fit well but I like it. The worse are wedding and Rajeeneti outfits.


    • Oh, yes!!! Katrina in strong confident gender-bending kind of looks would be amazing. She needs to dump the “sweet little pretty thing” outfits, and go to the “I am a SuperWoman” outfits. And she also needs to act like the superwoman she is. Strong make-up, strong hair, look right at the camera fearlessly. I bet if she had the right clothes, she would be more willing to do that. That yellow dress I end with, part of the reason I love it on her is that every photo where she is wearing it, she looks so happy and confident:

      On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 8:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Which one, the big poofy one or the structured one? The big poofy one I thought was just too big, if the skirt had been half the size, it might have been great. The structured one needed stronger make-up and jewelry to work. But the bottom line is, she looks fantastic in red. She just has to figure out the right kind of red dress to wear.

      On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 8:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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