Friday Watchalong, Watch Bunty Aur Babli Right Here in 24 Hours, 3pm Chicago Time!

Woot! Amitabh week! And woot, complicated film to find for no reasonable reason! I will give you directions and advice below, don’t worry, it isn’t impossible.

Bunty Aur Babli

A legitimately laugh out loud clever con comedy, with Rani and Abhishek and Amitabh in his first role opposite his son. Great soundtrack too, and fun costumes that started a mini-trend. Only downside is, surprisingly hard to find a good version. Prime is trash, obviously, the version there the subtitles are wacky. In America, you can buy/rent on youtube and googleplay and so far as I can tell, those versions are good. The BEST version (as usual) is on einthusan. Here’s the trick, you search for the movie on einthusan, then you click into it, then along the top of the screen you click on the “UHD” option. The UHD version of the film in einthusan is clearer better all around good, AND has subtitles.

Okay, you have your instructions? You are going to find Bunty Aur Babli anywhere except Prime (unless you speak Hindi and don’t need subtitles). And then at 3pm Chicago time tomorrow, you will hit play. And then you will be happy.


9 thoughts on “Friday Watchalong, Watch Bunty Aur Babli Right Here in 24 Hours, 3pm Chicago Time!

  1. I can join you for the first 45 minutes! I bought it on YouTube ages ago and only saw it once, so it will be good for me to see it again.


    • Yaaaaay, so glad! And of course, now that I know you are on vacation, I will expect your DCIB participation to increase at least three fold 🙂 No work excuse for you!

      On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 12:48 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. We’ll be traveling and meeting family and so on, but I’ll do my best. I’ll actually have to contribute to all those impossible world’s biggest challenges?


  3. I have been so damn swamped with work (in case you can’t tell based on my lack of comments), but I am going to try really hard to join for part of it!


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