Breathe Season 2 Episode 10 Recap/Review: The Sin of Attachment

Another good episode! Yeah, it was just those resetting post twist episodes that were weak, now we are back to interesting strong ones.  (full index of Breathe reviews here)

Story: Siya and the Medical student escape at the opening, but alter Abhishek catches up to them.  The med student orders Siya to run for help, but she gets lost and confused in the dark and runs back instead.  Both still captured.  But Abhishek is almost caught when he returns home, with a limp.  Amit is beginning to be suspicious of Abhishek once he realizes Abhishek both knows the latest victim, and lied about not recognizing him.  He visits Abhishek and Nithya at their home and carefully looks around.  Amit is struggling a bit as the stab wound he has been ignoring flares up.  His constable is increasingly tempted by his old girlfriend.  Saiyami is spending more time with alter Abhishek and even acknowledges him as her “boyfriend” when stopped by the police. And Plabita continues to be the one most free of sin when she talks to her father about her plan to move to Canada, despite her new connection with Amit.  Little tag of a plot that doesn’t really fit, the female cop has successfully set Amit up for violence against a party worker.  Finally, we get a flashback that starts to explain this INSANE plot, 15 months ago the beloved principal/foster father died.  On his deathbed, he told Abhishek to go to a psychiatrist and learn about his alter, but of course the alter took control at that moment and felt angry and betrayed that even the man he considered his “father” didn’t love him, only saw him as a shield for Abhishek.  He decided that the sins of Raavan must be destroyed, the first one being “attachment”, which he has now lost with the death of the only man who loved him.

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Great themes here!  “Attachment” goes straight through in a chilling way.  Because of course attachment can be both good and bad.  Siya runs back to her fellow captive because she loves her, and the fellow captive stays to fight Abhishek instead of running herself for the same reason.  Neither escapes because they are tied together.  Amit rushed to Delhi to find Plabita and apologize without allowing his wound to heal, and he continues to ignore it as it gets worse in favor of spending time with Plabita.  Alter Abhishek begins to feel an attachment to Saiyami and vice versa, which might put both of them in danger. Alter Abhishek is tied to Nidya and has to return home to her, putting them both in danger.  And of course what started it all, the principal felt a twisted connection to the alter as the son he never had, a boy who was his responsibility but with whom he did not have to maintain the distance of teacher and student.  And the alter feels a connection that traps him with Abhishek.

But on the other hand, the end result is the alter deciding all attachment must be cut clean, which has lead to this whole tortured murder kind of scheme.  It is good for Abhishek to love his daughter and wife, it was good for him to love the puppy who died, to have a friendship with the girl who lied and got him in trouble, even to have a good friend in medical school that later died.  Attachment leads to pain, but attachment also leads to happiness.  This is maybe the most interesting episode for investigating all of that.  And it hinges on Plabita, who reaches out for connections fearlessly and joyfully.  But still holds herself apart enough to plan to travel away from all of this when she needs to.

Open questions remain of course: now that the med student and Siya have tried to escape twice, will they still be safe from harm?  Will alter Abhishek start considering killing the med student and finding a new caregiver for Siya?  Will alter Abhishek turn on Nithya, who is an increasing risk to his identity as he comes in and out of the home?  Will Amit put things together but be stalled by this inter office politics?

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