Hindi Film 101: The Streaming Wars and How We Got Here, Part 6, Is Everyone Really Online?

Last section!  Bringing us through to the present day (finally) and the situation now as movie theaters close their doors and the internet struggles to replace them.

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Hindi Film 101: The Streaming Wars and How We Got Here Part 5, The Take Over of America

Second to last section!  And all about the American market (boring!), but you have to understand this market first before you can understand how the methods are being exported to India and Indian content.

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Breathe Amazon Series Final 2 Episodes! (SPOILERS): We End With Hope and a Hero

And we are at an end!  No more charming-but-murderous Maddy, no more troubled-but-reliable Amit, no more police jeeps driving through the streets of Bombay.  Well, unless you want to watch one of the many many movies that involve police jeeps driving through the streets of Bombay.  I recommend Talaash! (part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here) Continue reading

Tuesday Tamil: Breathe Review/Recap, First 2 Episodes (SPOILERS), Dark Interconnected Crime Drama Comes to India

I finally watched it!  Partly for Maddy, partly for my beloved Amit Sadh (if you like him in this, WATCH RUNNING SHAADI!).  They were both good.  And I am putting it up as a “Tuesday Tamil”, even though it is in Hindi, because really we are all watching if for Maddy mostly, and he is a Tamil industry guy. (part 2 here)

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Fascinating Industrial News! Karan and Shahrukh Heading for a Battle Over Streaming?

The big headline news being reported everywhere is “Shahrukh movies come to Netflix“.  But here’s the big thing to notice in the stories, they are coming to INDIAN Netflix.  So unless you do that thing where you use a mirror site and trick your computer into thinking it lives in India, or unless you yourself live in India and have Netflix and a good internet source, this does you no good.

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