Mirzya Review: Yep, This is the Legend of Mirzya-Sahiban All Right!

WARNING!  This is a freakishly long review!!!!  It’s a combination of the no spoiler and spoiler reviews I originally posted, and also I got very excited about the spoiler review and it was already super long even before I combined the two.  So if you loved loved loved this movie, enjoy!  And if you just love over-analysis, enjoy!  And if neither of those things are true, skip!

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Mirzya Review (SPOILERS!!!!): Yep, This is the Legend of Mirzya-Sahiban All Right!

Really, not many surprises here.  The broad strokes are all familiar.  Which is a good thing, stories become legends because they are powerful, why mess with something that works?

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Mirzya Review (NO SPOILERS!): Like Fitoor, But Good

Fitoor is certainly the biggest flop of 2016 for the Hindi industry, if not of all time, and may have actually brought about the downfall of an entire studio.  So it seems insulting to compare another film to it, but I didn’t actually mean it as an insult.  Well, not an insult to Mirzya.  I always mean to insult Fitoor, because that is a terrible terrible movie.

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