Who Flirts With the World Best? Comparing Social Media Posts of John Abraham, Hrithik, Shahrukh, and Madhavan

Don’t feel limited! If there are remarkable social media posts you feel I am missing, then throw them into the mix in the comments.

I posted this image before, without noticing that the message attached was “Morning”. With the close-up, the angle, and the message, really paints a mental picture, doesn’t it? Good on you Hrithik!

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Morning ☀️

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Maddy posted this a while ago, and I had to scroll and scroll through his instagram feed to find it (such suffering!). Another morning greeting, post shower:

More hard working scrolling through John (it’s all John dimples and puppies!) to find this one. Another morning shot, what is with the sexy morning flirting? And also, a wee indication of sexy queerness.

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2 days to go … Breakfast and the boys !!!! @varundvn

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And finally, Shahrukh taking a shower while answering Alia’s question, in a humorously embarrassed way.

I think I would say Hrithik, then John, then Shahrukh, then Maddy. Shahrukh is trying too hard, Maddy isn’t trying enough, John is a little obvious, Hrithik is perfection.

How about you? Which flirty social media post do you think is best?

16 thoughts on “Who Flirts With the World Best? Comparing Social Media Posts of John Abraham, Hrithik, Shahrukh, and Madhavan

  1. I’m a bit anti-selfie culture, so the single face shots of Hrithik and Maddy I find kinda gross. John and Varun probably win for me, being silly but not perhaps purposely posed. SRK always want us to think of him naked, so I learned from you, but I’ll take a goofy shower shot showing off a tattoo over a selfie any day.


    • So, John and Varun, then Shahrukh, then Maddy and Hrithik? I can see that logic, the first two are kind of telling a story with the fantasy, not just a face shot.

      On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 10:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Okay, I am generally not into Maddy, but oooooh boy, that picture of Maddy is definitely giving me all the feelings! Where as I am generally really into Hrithik and that photo is doing nothing for me – zilch! So, I am going with Maddy, Shah Rukh, John/Varun (only because I have seen that shot a lot and I am kind of over it) and Hrithik.


    • Is it possible because you are such a strong independent woman? Maddy, you are looking down on him. Hrithik, he’s got you trapped under him.

      On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 1:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I love your reasoning and so wish that was the case, but unfortunately, the reality is much more shallow. Hrithik’s hair is just too stringy in that pic and I can’t see any of his body, which is just a crime. Where as Maddy’s hair and is perfectly coiffed, his beard seems nicely trimmed, and that upper chest and clavicle… ooof!


  3. I love that Shah Rukh add for all the reasons stated above, but if I could post pics, there are MANY morning pics of him……


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