Sunday WatchAlong, DDLJ! Right Here, Starting at 10am! Woo-Hoo!

So excited for a DDLJ watchalong! I will be very superficial and dumb I suspect, far less “let’s consider the deconstruction of the typical Hindi film hero” and far more “his DIMPLES!!!!”

DDLJ! It’s on Prime, it’s on googleplay, it’s on youtube, it’s in your heart! At 10am, press play and join us. Or if you show up late, just go to whatever minute after 10am Chicago time it is. Does that make sense? I’m on a lot of medication right now.


465 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong, DDLJ! Right Here, Starting at 10am! Woo-Hoo!

      • It is sad that she doesn’t have the same level on on screen connection with her actual spouse! But I think that is his “fault”. Ajay tries, but his eyes are unreadable.

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    • Well, he did swear the night before that he would take her away. So if that swearing overrides all this scene, he doesn’t mean any of it.


    • Although to be fair to SRK here, he never ever flirted with Preeti. Unlike Rishi in Kabhi Kabhi (which I always disliked).


    • Fight scenes now are so much better than they were then. Even the blood looks silly. I understand Shah Rukh has his own fake blood he uses in more recent movies

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  1. One of the iconic romantic sequences of Bollywood that is etched in every Indian’s memory, DDLJ’s train scene where Simran is running to catch Raj’s hand who’s on board a running train is a perfect end to the love story of Simran and Raj. Coincidentally, a train ride is also where Raj and Simran started falling for each other, although it was on a European one.


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