Quiz Time! Which Shahrukh Heroine Are You?

You ready for how rumpled I am today? I have retreated to online quizzes! I never do online quizzes. Like really, never. But something about watching a happy sitcom and methodically answering questions about myself is really nice.

First, online quizzes are ridiculously inaccurate. Apparently, I have low empathy and emotional intelligence. Also, I have little ability to appreciate visual content. As regular readers, I am sure you can concur that all of this is NOT TRUE.

But who cares! Answering a series of simple questions is super soothing. Hopefully writing a series of simple questions will be similarly soothing.

Which Shahrukh Heroine Are You?

If a friend wants to go to movie A, and you want to go to movie B, do you:

  1. Give in and Go to movie A
  2. Force your friend to go to movie B
  3. Leave your friend behind and go to movie B alone
  4. Feel guilty for wanting to see movie B and pretend you didn’t

When preparing to go out to a party, do you wear:

  1. A modest outfit but wish you had the confidence to be more sexy
  2. Whatever you feel comfortable in, you are happy with yourself
  3. Fully sari, jewels, hair done, doesn’t matter what the occasion is
  4. An outfit you thought was perfect until you got there, and suddenly realize it isn’t

When you start to feel attracted to a boy, do you:

  1. Go into deep denial and pretend you hate him
  2. Plan to act on it immediately and fearlessly
  3. Wait impatiently for him to say something
  4. Have a mild nervous breakdown and recreate yourself

At a large family party, do you:

  1. Do the right thing and please everyone
  2. Casually offend people and not really care
  3. Try to escape the pressure
  4. Disappear into a false version of yourself

When your parents suggested an arranged marriage, do you:

  1. Accept with mild regret but no argument
  2. Laugh at them and ignore it
  3. Run away
  4. Go into such deep denial that you brainwash yourself into believing it is a love marriage

If you were suddenly thrown into a fight scene, would you:

  1. Scream and scream and then suddenly find the strength to fight back
  2. Immediately start fighting and be offended if someone tries to “save” you
  3. Think it through and fight smart
  4. Freeze and then finally move fast and vicious

To score yourself:

If you picked 1, you are a Simran. A people pleaser, trained to be passive at all times, but with a rebel hidden inside.

raj and simran | Tumblr

If you picked 2, you are an Anjali. Unaware and uncaring of other people’s feelings, and therefore fearless.

Kuch Kuch Hoti Hai GIFs | Tenor

If you picked 3, you are a Meenamma. Healthily self-respecting of your own needs, but still able to see things from the side of other people.

Very Okay. GIF - Meenamma Veryokay Theekhhai - Discover & Share GIFs

If you picked 4, you are a Sejal. So torn between what you feel like you should be versus what you really are that you can hardly act.

Katrina Kaif – La Petite Muse

And if you picked an even mixture of all of them, then I guess you are just a regular person instead of a movie character? I am bad at these quizzes.


18 thoughts on “Quiz Time! Which Shahrukh Heroine Are You?

  1. So often I was torn between answers 1 and 3, but when I look at the characters, I feel like I am most like Anjali. Or at least she is the one I dress like. The only time I answered #2 was on question #2.


    • I also feel like Simrsn could age into Anjali, once she got her confidence. So maybe you are just feeling the effects of maturity and adulthood?


  2. I feel like you are missing one important heroine – option 5 for all the questions should be
    Do you need saving? Are you willing to take business advice, relationship advice, and fashion advice from your new nosy neighbor? Are you going to let him transform you completely and then fall in love with him? Do you not care if he emotionally manipulates and controls your life?

    – You let this neighbor tell you if you should watch movie A or B (He will control your friend as well!)
    – You wear something perfectly appropriate, but change after the neighbor condescendingly makes fun of your clothes
    – When you feel attracted to a boy, you give over your entire mind/life to him and let him make every decision
    – At a large family party or in a fight scene you wait for your neighbor to come and rescue you

    If you chose this option then you are Naina(Kal ho na ho). You are so unhappy and unsure about yourself that you are waiting to be saved by someone…anyone…even if its the random egotistical neighbor you just met!

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    • Excellent additions! From our resident “not super fond of SRK” reader!

      But I would put it as:

      -you don’t watch movie A or B because you are incapable of having fun
      -you don’t go to the party because you can’t take the time away from your responsibilities
      -when you feel attracted to a boy, you move way too fast because you are so eager to leave your house
      -at a large family party, you stay silent and stressed until you have a spectacular breakdown in front of everyone
      -in a fight scene, you release your tension and resentment in a fiendish attack that leaves you in a better mental space afterwards.


  3. I literally picked one from each of the ladies within the first four questions, but I guess if we’re going with the majority, I had two for Anjali and two for Sejal. Not sure how accurate this is, but alright.


    • Anjali and Sejal seem like two totally different people! One always confidently herself, the other never.

      On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 2:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I don’t know who I am here because I kept getting different answers. Maybe a mixture of Rhea (from KANK) and Meenamma and a bit of Sejal too. All over the place!


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