Happy Shahrukh Birthday Month, Day 1 (of 31)! 31 Gifs for Us All

I sense a disturbance in the world of my blog.  On one side, I have many many voices crying out in joy at the thought of 31 full days of SRK posts.  And then on the other side, I have not quite as many voices crying out in despair.  So, here’s the deal.  I will continue my Monday and Tuesday reviews.  And my Friday Classics.  And I’ll throw in news posts and so on.  It won’t be all SRK all the time.  But all TGIF and Sunday fanfic content will be replaced by SRK focused items.  I mean, most of the people who read those are SRKians anyway, right?  And every day there will be a special SRK birthday post counting down 31 to 1.  Some of them very very silly (as this one will be), and some of them serious (for instance, best performances).  If you don’t absolutely hate SRK, at least read the headline topic for the post before deciding not to read it, there will be good content in here.

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TGIF: Happy Pride Weekend! Let Us Look at the Gayest Images in Indian Film

Oh Pride!  The happiest weekend of the year in terms of fanfic/silly content.  The saddest weekend of the year in terms of not having loud drunk people sit next to me on the train.  At least this year I have no reason to leave the house (my church lemonade stand/marching group can get along without me!), so I can just huddle up indoors and work on my epic Pride themed fanfic.  I’m going to try to hit all the letters, L and G and B and T and Q and maybe H.  If Indian film isn’t going to serve that audience, it is up to me to fill in the gap!  Anyway, a great TGIF post topic, I think we can all agree.

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