Happy Birthday Shankar! I Don’t Much Like You as a Director, But I Can’t Resist Your Songs!

Shankar! Totally bonkers visuals, very reductive view of relationships. Makes for movies that don’t really work for me as a whole, but very fun little mini movie song sequences. Especially since he usually partners with AR Rahman.

Jeans! The first Shankar movie I saw, a very strange movie that has a halogram Aishwarya and a plot about twins whose father will only allow them to marry other twins for reasons that the film tries to make us sympathize with, but which just make me go “huh? This is a very simple action-reaction version of human emotions!” But also, LOOK AT THIS SONG!!!!! Aishwarya at her peak beauty, in a bunch of crazy costumes, all over the world. “Ajooba”

Boys! If I have to watch a Shankar movie, this is the one I would watch. All the characters are immature and stupid, but luckily they are also teenagers so it is believable. And as immature teenagers, this is the sex dream they have while hiding together in a utility shed. “Boom Boom”

Robot! Possibly my least favorite Shankar movie. Yes it is loony and over the top and all of that, but also SO DUMB. I just can’t with this. Or maybe I am a shallower person than I think and I just don’t like it because I don’t like the songs. This is the only one I kind of like, and even it isn’t my favorite, “Irumbile”

I! My second most tolerated Shankar movie. The plot is so regressive and reductive that it crosses the line into parody so far as I am concerned. And the songs are AMAZING. Like, look at this whole beauty and the beast craziness? “Ennodu Nee Irundhaal”

Same movie! Our hero fantasizing about our heroine, totally wrong and creepy, but so weird I can’t look away. “Mersalaayitten”

And again! This is maybe my favorite song. See, they are both models, and are falling in love with each other while filming a series of ads, so the love song shows all the ads they are in and I love it! “Ayila Ayila”

Last one, I promise! Before they meet, here is our heroine in a series of ads all by herself, “Ladiyo”

Okay, and the only song that has that peak craziness I want from Robot 2.0, the love song between two robots. “Endhira Logathu”

Shankar! If you already know and love him, don’t try to convince me to feel the same, it will not go well. If you don’t know him, watch these songs and have your Mind Blown, but don’t watch the movies.

If you know him and don’t like him, come sit here by me and we will say mean things.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Shankar! I Don’t Much Like You as a Director, But I Can’t Resist Your Songs!

  1. Difficult to pick one Shankar-Rahman song. Almost all of them are good, starting from their first collaborations such as Gentleman, Kadhalan etc, to Shivaji

    I liked the Kilimanjaro song in Enthiran (Robot)

    Also the Columbus Columbus song from Jeans is worth a mention because it is sung by Rahman himself


  2. Oh man, Shankar’s songs are out of the world. And like Mani Ratnam,he has a unique combination with Rahman. Even his older movies like Gentleman,Kaadhalan,Mudhalvan etc has amazing songs. The songs themselves & the picturization are mind blowing & kind of cult for my generation. Also thankful for giving us Prabhudeva.

    Liked by 1 person

      • yeah, your post is incomplete without the Kadhalan songs – the Urvasi Urvasi (see-through fibre bus, dance at Chennai Central on top of the bus) and Mukabla songs should be at the top, followed by Gentleman (Chikubuku Raile funny graphics), Mudalvan/Nayak (that Magadheera song showing CM’s secretary as a snake) and Indian (Maya maschindra) before start looking at Robot/Endiran and I – so much of thought process in each song – not regular duets


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