Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Do Toe Exercises

Happy Saturday! It’s getting downright chilly here, a good day to curl up with a book, but instead my Dad is going to make me help with “shutting down the house for the winter” chores. Blech!

Things to talk about!

My toe! I know you are all fascinated. I am now free of all bandages and gingerly walking on it. And, very exciting, going to physical therapy. Which is exactly what you think it will be for a toe surgery. I sit there and do toe lifts in a chair. Everyone I know who has done physical therapy talks about “oh, it’s so hard, it’s so painful, I’m exhausted getting those muscles moving”. HA! Not for me! I just sit there and lift my big toe in the air twenty times while I read a book. The hardest exercise is the one where I don’t lift it, I’m supposed to keep the big toe on the ground and lift all the other toes. It’s really tricky! You try it! But of course, not actually tiring in any way.

See? Can barely tell the difference. Also, my goodness my ankles look thick from this angle.

Pankaj Tripathi’s birthday! Favorite Pankaj movie? Bareilly Ki Barfi, Stree, something else?

Pankaj Tripathi says his ultimate goal is to create a small jungle and  writers' hub - bollywood - Hindustan Times

Aditya Chopra does what I said he would do! Launching his own OTT platform which I PREDICTED!!!!! I predicted it AGES ago. Based on the way YRF has always been aggressive about verticle integration, and then increasingly pulling their films from Prime and Netflix. Or maybe not, right now it is only a rumor to Bollywood Hungama. But one of those YRF rumors where the main quote sounds exactly like a press release, not a leaked personal communication. Anyway, YAAAAY! I will totally pay more money for a YRF only platform if it has all the YRF catalogue (including the RK Studios back catalogue they have been sitting on). (story here)

Okay, that’s all I’ve got on this chilly morning, how about you?

14 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Do Toe Exercises

  1. I watched Mission Mangal today,and I just wish I hadn’t.
    I wondered why GS received so much flak while MM didn’t for its extremely caricaturised depiction of scientists?I mean the former wasn’t perfect,some scenes like a young GS going straight to to cockpit were unrealistic,as was the arm wrestling scene that would get you fired from an engineering college,let alone IAF which is way more strict.But the tone was right,and I could see what was real and what was fiction.Besides it had a compelling drama and I didn’t go(or should I say in these times,click)expecting a documentary.But no one objected to the indecent behaviour portrayed in MM?
    I would probably feel the same for Sadak 2,but it was actually not that good so even the buzz died out(even I would hate it if I didn’t feel the obligation having watched the original.But the cult part was too cheesy for the roadtrip to redeem).But GS drama simply isn’t calming down.For me KJo is no saint above criticism.Personally for me some allegations against him are disturbing but ALLEGATIONS AREN’T FACTS,and direct targeting,bullying and name calling against him is appalling.I don’t have problem with people criticising him,but he didn’t even direct GS.Have people forgotten the difference between directors and producers and distributors?At this rate,people would be boycotting Disney also as it is one of the most rapidly expanding distribution companies and would soon be a strong presence in Indian entertainment industry.
    By the way people have already started abusing Akshay(of all people)because recently he has remained rigidly silent and not been a part of the mob mentality.If they drop yet another song with Badshah picturised on Alia and Varun people would be going gaga and forget everything.Garmi will have more views than any universally acclaimed soundtrack.Just saying,as the jagruk janta janardan believes in blaming instead of introspecting their choices.MM earned more than Kesari,despite the latter being a much better film(and felt more logical and less jingoistic than MM despite literally being a war film.I don’t know whether public wanted a good Akshay film or jingoistic Akshay film,as the BO seemed inclined in favour of the latter).The fickleness and short-sightedness of the public is genuinely disheartening.


    • MM is SO TERRIBLE! And of course no one objected to it, it was approved by the ruling party so they didn’t start their internet attack dogs going. At this point I assume anything that starts on social media in India is BJP funded, they seem to be so strong there that no one else can get a word in edgewise.

      Also, it’s less exciting to complain about presentation of scientists than of soldiers, I guess.

      On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 9:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Maybe if YRF starts its own streaming page I can FINALLY watch Doosra Aadmi and Bunty aur Babli!!!!

    I watched Newton which was really great. An actual realistic look at social justice work! I loved it, even Rajkummar’s weird wig/perm.

    Also I finished A Suitable Boy and was disappointed. I didn’t like the ending and even though it starts out all “this is modern India! we will make over all these masala tropes!” all the morals of the storylines seemed to be straight from the (conservative) 60s. I mean, I agree with your criticisms of streaming but thank god someone somewhere is making some kind of non-regressive content.


    • Well, you just saved me hours and hours of time! I won’t bother with A Suitable Boy then.

      Yes, this was my same thought with YRF! Back when they were still doing DVDs, they had the best catalogue. It’s not just the old YRF classics, they bought up a bunch of movies from other studios, weird awesome classic films, and gave them state of the art restorations and stuff. Of course if it’s like the other new streaming services, they will attack the globe piecemeal and either you or I can watch Doosra Aadmi, but nto both of us.

      On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 10:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. So, I was reading about SRK’s upcoming projects, and Deepika is set to be in Pathan with him. Over the last few years, he seems to have really narrowed down his actresses to Deepika, Anushka, Katrina, and Rani. Is this an age thing? Is it a trust thing?
    It seems weird that a country with soooo many people, actors seem to just rotate around with different iterations of Alia and Ranbir and Hrithik and Aish. You know what I mean?


    • First, Pathan isn’t officially announced and Deepika isn’t necessarily it with him, so whatever you are reading is just made up rumors.

      Which is kind of the point. The people making up these rumors have decided Deepika is the most likely guess as to who will co-star with him. And their reasoning is kind of valid.

      There is a limited number of actresses who can co-star with any of the major male stars. They have to 1. Have a big enough name and enough experience not to be overshadowed 2. Have the free time to schedule a film shoot around the convenience of the extremely busy star. 3. Be willing to take a role that will always be seen as second place to the big name. 4. Not be too ridiculously young

      Number 1 excludes non-established actresses. Salman is the one most likely to take on a newcomer but that is partly because most of his movies make him such a big HERO that his heroine will be over-shadowed no matter what. Aamir Khan in Dangal experimented, cast a TV actress (so experienced and well known) to play his wife and two unknowns who got a massive publicity campaign to play the heroines. But most of the time, the 3 Khans and similar big names stick to Anushka, Deepika, Kareena, Katrina. Probably Shahrukh more than others just because his heroines tend to have bigger parts in the film so he wants/needs a big name and experienced actress.

      Number 2 excludes most older women. If you are married with kids, you are seen as just not as available. All of SRK’s 90s actresses got married and had families and stopped acting. At least, stopped working the way SRK would need them to work, long hours and overseas shoots and things. Kajol in Dilwale doing shooting, she was only on location for maybe 2 weeks to everyone else’s 6, because she has kids and responsibilities and couldn’t get away. That’s why, I think, their storyline felt so short. Just not enough shooting time.

      Number 3 excludes actresses who are TOO big. Rani Mukherjee isn’t going to co-star with Shahrukh any more, or Vidya Balan. Even if it is the best role possible and they do a fantastic job with it, the critics are still going to give him all the credit and they will be labeled “just” a heroine.

      Number 4 excludes most of the newer actresses. A 20 year age gap is something we can swallow, but 30 years is just too much.

      So we are left with Deepika, Anushka, Kareena, Katrina. Well known talented actresses who can still enjoy taking the occasional supporting role and do not yet have children. Except now Anushka is pregnant (yaaaay!) so the list has narrowed to Deepika, Kareena, Katrina. And Katrina is already filming a movie, and Kareena is supposed to be in Aamir’s next film AND is pregnant again, therefore Deepika will be the co-star in Pathan.

      On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 8:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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