Vacation Report: Exhausting Task Accomplished, Now I’m Making Dinner

Well, this was a long day! With a lovely lazy start, and an exhausting middle bit, then a little bit of stress, and now dinner.

It’s Saturday! So I slept late (for me, so like 7am), then treated myself to a standing up shower because the foot doctor didn’t say I couldn’t, then walked the dog and had breakfast and started a book. 4 hours later I finished the book and told my Dad I was ready to help him with his big sailboat project. I don’t know if you remember my post from June when we put it in, but now it is time to take it out. We have million pound wooden ramps that my great Grandpa made we put them down over the rocks along our shore line, use the massive block and tackle also made by Great Grandpa, wind it around various trees, and then just pull really hard and drag it out.

Here is a photographic journey showing this process, boat in water:

Boat halfway up ramp precauriously balanced:

Boat all the way on grass

During all this time the dog was alone locked up in the house in much distress because (being an extremely spoiled doggy) he was not used to being alone away from his humans. Especially when he could hear us all outside without him. I finally came in to check on him, and he promptly threw up. And then threw up again. And again. And then started to tremble.

This is him early in the morning, already having a hard day because we wouldn’t turn the heater on and he had to hide in his blanket pile

None of this is particularly unusual, he had an exciting day and he had gotten into the trash the day before. And the neighbors have a dog visiting which has made him a little trembly and excited all day. But of course lots of vomiting and trembling can also be signs of Dog Poisoning. So to end the day I got a nice little shot of anxiety. Which I counteracted by handing Albie Dog to my Mom and telling her to monitor him (meaning, hug him close so she could feel his heart beating) and I would go distract myself by making dinner. I am writing this now sitting on the kitchen stool watching my squash. Is there anything harder than a Butternut Squash shell? Why did God design them this way? So stupid! (oh, and Albie seems fine now, stopped trembling and finally ate his dinner)

2 thoughts on “Vacation Report: Exhausting Task Accomplished, Now I’m Making Dinner

    • At least once they start talking so they can tell you how they feel, I think that is the key.

      On Sun, Sep 6, 2020 at 9:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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