Luka Chuppi Review (No Spoilers): The Rare Romance Where the Hero and Heroine Never Fight

What a nice little romance! Not totally awesome and stunning, but decent. And with an unfortunately slightly dated political message that I will be ignoring because it doesn’t really work at this exact moment. But the romance part is definitely decent, especially how it handles the whole “live-in” topic.

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News Round-Up: Kangana’s Nasty, Kareena’s Nice, Sid’s Fake-Dating, and Pankaj Has a New Job

Well, Kangana is now publicly spiraling out. And the response is STILL “gee, so outspoken, so honest!” Well, at least from the comments and analysis on her pet site Pinkvilla, I think other sites are a wee bit more “this woman is crazy”.

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Stree Review (No Spoilers): Young Men Are Dumb and Funny

What a fun movie!  I don’t totally love it as much as I totally love A Gentleman, but it is in the same family of humor.  So I am going to take this moment, once again, to plug A Gentleman.  If you like this movie, you will like that one!  Oh, and you probably will like this movie.  It is very likable.

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