Friday WatchAlong: Trishul! 3pm Chicago Time, Einthusan Version!

Oh boy! A straight up for realsies classic! Which also means that it is hard to find a good copy and they vary widely in length and quality and stuff. So, we will be watching the einthusan version, for consistancy.

In a few minutes, at 3pm Chicago time, we will all hit play on our einthusan and watch watch watch! Awesome movie, Sanjeev Kumar and Waheeda Rahman and Amitabh Bachchan and Raakhee and Hema Malini and Poonam Dhillon and SHASHI!!!! Written by Salim-Javed, directed by Yash Chopra, really you cannot do better than this.

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At 3pm I will order you all “play” and then we will start commenting along right here. Woo-hoo! Yash Chopra Week!

310 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Trishul! 3pm Chicago Time, Einthusan Version!

    • I wasn’t paying attention to the subtitles but basically Prem Chopra was selling cement to everyone else but Amitabh even though he offered him fair price. So Amitabh calls the Corruption Bureau and reports Prem Chopra for selling cement on the black market.


    • Wouldn’t it be better if Sanjeev kept working and let Amitabh enjoy his life for the first time? Amitabh went from working to pay for his mother’s eyebrows to working to take revenge on his father. The man needs a break.

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  1. Things I think were cut: where Waheeda gives him the choker, a bit with Prem Chopra where he explains his grudge, a few bits with the guy who spies for Vijay where he gets rid of him (I might have just missed this), the bit where Sanjeev’s wife leaves the house because she agrees with the marriage now and he won’t relent. Was there anything else?


    • Filmikudhi remembers another seen with Amitabh and Raakhee where she gets mad at him for going after Hema.

      This feels like a “we lost the reel” or “the end of the reel burned off so we cut it down” kind of funked up edit, not a purposeful one. But since it is a Salim-Javed/Yash Chopra movie, every random minute is vital, so all the little random bits that are missing are important.

      On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 3:38 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’ve never seen the Rakhee scene in any of the versions I’ve watched, and I’ve seen at least three. It really makes a huge difference for the movie, but then I think it basically always does when anything is cut or switched around. But this is because you can see how disastrous it has been in silent films.

        Yes, the cuts here all seem extremely random, and if they needed time they’d have shortened the fight scenes or something instead.


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