Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: What Movie Would Make an Interesting Follow Up TV Show?

I think this question makes sense. At least, it makes sense in my head. I want to see if I can make it make sense in your heads.

Picture a short form drama kind of TV show with complex relationships and challenges and stuff. It needs a really gripping central conflict, and a strong group of varied characters. And the sort of ongoing tale that could be one short season, or could be renewed for multiple short seasons.

What Shahrukh movies feel like they could be the extra long pilot episode of a really good TV drama?


The 1980s Gujurat neighborhood setting, the strong central 4 characters of Raees and Mahira and Zeeshan and Nawazuddin, the never ending permutations of cops and criminals and politicians, I would watch this show in a heartbeat!!!! I would even watch it if Raees was dead, open with his funeral and Mahira and Zeeshan consolidating power to keep protecting the neighborhood, maybe one of them is pushing for revenge while the other is more about protection, and meanwhile Nawazuddin is slowly turning more and more evil in the wake of his shooting of Raees, and so on. Alternatively, we open with Raees in the hospital in prison, he is the presence in the background slowly recovering and guiding Zeeshan and Mahira and trying to fight his case and get out of jail. Either way, great TV drama, right????

Raees (film) - Wikipedia


The central idea of the film is diaspora versus homeland Indians. This is still a great idea! And there is so much more to it now. I want to see us 25 years on, Kajol has suddenly died, and Shahrukh has decided he wants to take his family back to India, he is going to buy Kajol’s old family home and set up as a farmer. Next door, Mandira Bedi is widowed and back home with her kids. Kuljit is still unmarried, after the engagement with Kajol fell apart, his standing in the neighborhood fell and no one would have him. So now we have the second generation dealing with each other (Mandira’s kids and Shahrukh and Kajol’s kids), the Kuljit and Shahrukh rivalry still there only different, Kuljit is softened by time and hardwork and loneliness and Shahrukh has become almost unbearably cocky, especially coming in as the new big rich man to the area. And there can be maybe a slowburning romance between widow Mandira and widower Shahrukh. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Bollywood DVD With English  Subtitles: Shah Rhan Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Yash Chopra, Aditya  Chopra: Movies & TV


We end just when things get good! He’s about to complete reform his government, marry a couple more times, have kids, all kinds of good things. Plus his evil wife, his kids becoming missionaries, all that juicy family drama. Setting, royal court. Characters, everyone surrounding Asoka.

Asoka (2001) movie posters

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