Happy 21 Days to SRK’s Birthday! A Silly One, 21 Hairstyles!

I did a serious one yesterday, so now I get to do a silly one!  21 hairstyles.  Which was surprisingly hard, because he really doesn’t like to change it up much.

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Silly Sunday Post: Happy 25 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 25 Characters in Need of More Story

I was tempted to do one long post for one of these, but that would break the list pattern.  Plus, be harder to write.  So some will be longer, some will be shorter, but there will be a full 25.  And that will give you all a lot to talk about in the comments.

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Happy 28 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 28 Romances, Part 3

I am finding this fascinating, looking at the slow progression of the Shahrukh Khan romance over the years.  Not every romance, but almost all, the ones I find interesting to talk about. (part 1 here, part 2 here)

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: What If Our Favorite Historical Characters Were Allowed Happy Endings? Rang De Basanti, Asoka, Mughal-E-Azam

This is semi-inspired by a conversation I had in the comments on the Rang De Basanti post with Shaily about what would need to change for Siddharth and Soha to end up together.  Essentially, the whole movie except for the characters.  Which got me thinking about all the Indian historical films that I really wish could have historically inaccurate happier endings.

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Shahrukh Week Continues! In Honor of the Royal Visit, a Discussion of His Royal Performances!

Happy Shahrukh Week Day 2!  Only 5 days left for Fan!  Of course, he is taking a break from Fan promos (although supposedly there was a discussion of having the royal couple do a “Jabra Fan” dubsmash) to greet the royal couple.  I’ll also take a break from Fan, to think about Shahrukh and his royal roles.

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Fan Vid Time! Adele, Elvis, Britney, and Shahrukh!

So, I was in the mood for some good new SRK fanvids last night.  Who knows why!  Maybe it was something I ate, maybe it was that I just re-watched Asoka, maybe it was because I was spending too long staring at the incredibly sexy Dabboo Ratnani photos…. (It’s the photos).

Anyway, here are some of the best ones I found!

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