Shahrukh Birthday Month Discussion Post: What Hollywood Movie/TV Show Do You Want Him to Remake?

I’ve asked this question a bunch of times before, I know. But there are always new movies/TV shows out there, right? So it makes sense to keep asking it.


Book/Movie/TV Show, whole thing, don’t care which version, but Shahrukh should definitely play Dracula himself. And a sexy but evil version. I don’t like the “oh, poor Dracula, he’s just misunderstood” version of the story because I feel like it forgives his sins. But I will take the “he is a force for evil and one of his powers is sexiness” version any day. Make it modern day, make it Victorian, set it in Europe, set it in India, anything would work. Give us our brave band of men (and women, awesome Mina) fighting against him, intercut with Shahrukh being sexy and evil and saying “I don’t drink….wine”.

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Another book/TV show thing. Middle-aged tough cop who really knows his job and knows the city, and has a dark past (mother was murdered leaving him to be raised in orphanages and foster care, military history, broken marriage). But is also an involved smart father to his teenage daughter, who both respects and likes him. That sort of toughness combined with intelligence and competence and knowing just how to work within the rules, plus the dark anger in the past, plus the loving father of a teenage daughter, is all PERFECT for Shahrukh!!!!

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Desk Set

I’m getting a bit obscure now. This is a super delightful 1950s Tracy-Hepburn movie. She is the whipsmart head of a reference library at a large media corporation. He is the brilliant computer scientist brought in to design the computer that will replace her and her staff. It’s a romance between two extremely intelligent people who aren’t that good at romance (Hepburn has a long term boyfriend but he is using her to write his reports and she is pathetically grateful, Tracy is immediately intrigued by her intelligence but doesn’t know how to ask her for a date). And it’s a romance between two middle-aged people who are a bit set in their ways. And I really really want to see Shahrukh in glasses and poorly fitting clothes playing a computer scientist genius.

The Movie Projector: The Films of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Part  4

16 thoughts on “Shahrukh Birthday Month Discussion Post: What Hollywood Movie/TV Show Do You Want Him to Remake?

  1. Imagine him stuttering while delivering the dialogues because he has blood in his mouth.Creepily funny.
    That Dracula edit-Dabboo Ratnani,and Shahrukh in a blazer?How did DR find clothes for his subjects?Is the DR label too edited on an existing photograph?My eyes don’t believe it.Clothes are forbidden in Ratnani’s world,and I won’t believe otherwise.
    By the way,I want a gender bent version with Shabana Azmi playing Danshtra(couldn’t think a better name,it means jaws)and Shahrukh playing Manish(good old Mina).And Salman as Lakshya(you get it?The cuckoolander,always looking for someone to hook up with).In a Victorian Bengali setting,if that makes sense.And also,Alia as Jayanthi(to compensate for marvelous splendour of Keanu’s “Anglwish”accent).

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    • Oh, yes! Love the stuttering idea.

      It’s a for realsies Daboo shot! His 2018 calendar shot, I love it. So much sexier than the shirtless options.

      I could get behind the Gender Bent idea, but I don’t know if SRK could play Mina in that case, it has to be a youngish person with a fearless attitude, and he’s just too old. Maybe just ungender-bend Van Helsing? Make SRK the wise advisor to the team, and have Anushka be Mina?


  2. Die Hard (as either Alan Rickman’s character or Bruce Willis’), The Sting (as Paul Newman’s character), How to Marry a Millionaire (the Lauren Bacall love interest or maybe the oldish widower looking for a new start at love), and of course as you said, Dracula — I never knew how much I needed to see him as Dracula until now.


    • YES! Die Hard as Alan Rickman, he is so good at being evil. Only problem is thinking who can play Bruce Willis without overshadowing him. And yes to How to Marry a Millionaire! I thought I was the only person who remembered that movie.

      For those who don’t know it, three beautiful young woman (Lauren Bacall, Marylin Monroe, and Betty Grable) spend all their combined savings to sublet a penthouse apartment with the plan to pretend to be rich for a month in order to meet and marry millionaires. Bacall is hardened and cynical after divorcing a no goodnik who took all her money. Marilyn is just sweet and going along with it. And Betty is bouncy and confident. Bacall starts having this funky eccentric charming guy hanging around declaring his love, but she turns him down because he has no money. Marilyn meets and quickly falls for the owner of the penthouse, a former millionaire on the run from the IRS. And Betty meets a young forest ranger who she at first thinks is a lumber baron, but then stays in love when she learns the truth. At the end, all their plans have failed and they are about to lose everything. And then an older gentlemanly type, who has been kind to Bacall, shows up and proposes. She almost says yes, but at the last minute can’t do it because she has fallen for the eccentric charmer. The twist is, at the end, the charming guy reveals he is a millionaire after all, just let Bacall assume otherwise until she asked him straight out (as a joke) how much money he had.

      I kind of want Shahrukh to be the William Powell character, the nice gentleman who feels a little sorry for Lauren and sees through all her confidence, and then takes his rejection decently and pleasantly in the end. Although it would also be nice to see him get the girl.

      On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 4:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • You know, Sonu Sood could do a credible job as the Bruce Willis chracter, just saying!! Or maybe Anil? Hmmm…to think on!

        My friend made me watch HtMaM (Hot man!….!) and I loved it instantly, I am always trying to get people to watch it. I think that SRK would be great as the William Powell character, and maybe instead of the dopey bell-boy that’s in the original they could have Juhi or someone play a nosy landlady for the building and she falls in love with SRK because he’s so goshdarn nice when he comes calling on _____. Then his character gets a happy ending too!

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        • Oh oh! I like that! Or we could change the backstory for SRK’s character, make him a sad separated man who likes Bacall because she reminds him of his about-to-be-ex-wife when she was young. The romance with Bacall makes him realize he still loves his wife and can forgive her for her affair or whatever it is that made them split, and then we can have a fun cameo of his wife at the end.

          On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 5:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • That’s cute too! And maybe his about-to-be-ex wanted them to go to counseling because she realized a long time ago that he’s a great guy and she wants to make it work–but he was too hurt by Whatever Happened and hasn’t wanted to. So then he has a big moment where he gives her a card and flowers and inside the card is an appointment confirmation at the mediation place she wanted them to try. Then cut to the montage where they put things back together and at the end there’s a cute cameo of them renewing their vows on the beach or something!

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          • Or, sitting holding hands and exchanging glances at the triple wedding of the Young People.

            Oh oh!!!! The wife could be some unsuspected person they already met! Like, a wise stranger who overhears them talking about their plan, and tells them that there is nothing more lonely than living with man who doesn’t truly love you.

            On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 7:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • yes! I like that idea! Maybe he steps in to do father-of-the-bride things for the Marilyn Monroe character, too, and asks if she’s sure she wants to marry the guy in trouble with the revenue service, and gives her that jaunty SRK smile where he crinkles his eyes and just presses his lips into a smile without showing any teeth when she says she’s double, no triple! sure!

            And then he goes back to sit with his wife while they watch the rest of the ceremony.

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          • Yes! Except I want him to be father of the bride for all of them, except Lauren. Who eloped and is already married I guess, so is more “mother of the bride” for the other two.

            On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 10:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • YES! She chose the ‘gas pump jockey’ and she does the ‘mother of the bride’ stuff for the other two. At the wedding she and SRK kind of tap their noses at each other (I’m not describing it well, it’s the thing Paul Newman does in The Sting to recruit everyone) as like a silent acknowledgement of that one time he almost really divorced his wife to marry a woman 20 years younger than him–and she almost gave up on finding love with the ‘gas pump jockey’ to marry into financial security with a guy she mostly got along with.

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    • Ha! Two of these were already remade! The Mrs. Doubtfire remake I don’t like, but I actually like the Father of the Bride Indian version better than both Hollywood originals. Mrs. Doubtfire is Avvai Shanmughi and Father of the Bride is Abhiyum Naanum.

      I think this just proves you have a great sense for what stories will translate well to India and I would love to see Shahrukh take a shot at remaking either of the remakes that have already been made.

      For those, like me, who didn’t know Nothing to Lose, it is about a man who thinks he has learned his wife is cheating on him with his boss, spins out, befriends a carjacker who tries to steal his car, plans with him to rob his boss’s office, then SPOILER learns it was all a mistake and his wife wasn’t cheating after all, only to discover that the carjacker helped hide the evidence of the crime and save him, so he tracks down the carjacker and offers him a real job and they stay friends END SPOILERS. I agree, it would be a great Shahrukh movie, I love him playing average man caught up in crazy comic hijinks.

      On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 6:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Please. Promise me. You *must* watch Nothing to Lose. I am truly hard to amuse. I have a wicked sense of humor – usually dry as the Sahara – but this movie makes me laugh out loud every time. There need to be more flat-out stupid fun movies in this world!

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