Ginny Weds Sunny Review (No SPOILERS): Light Movie With Light Misogyny

This was fun, I watched it with my friend movie group, and we had quite a bit to snark to share.

There’s a certain kind of light rom-com that isn’t good in a particular way that feels good. Love Breakups Zindagi, Pyaar Main Twist, Shimla Mirch, etc. The lighting is too bright because they can’t afford expensive lamps, there are weird gaps where they ran out of money to film connecting scenes, and everything feels just slightly small, like not enough people in the crowd scenes, and sets that look like hotel rooms. But at the same time, this low budget lets them make the kind of sweet non-dramatic movie that big budget producers are afraid of. Two people meet and fall in love and there’s some slight misunderstandings around them, and that’s it. It’s not a critical gem, and it’s not a big blockbuster crowd pleaser, it’s just a small happy film.

Ginny Weds Sunny (2020) - IMDb

That’s my starting point, small happy film, I’m not gonna complain about logic in the script, or stilted dialogue, or any of that stuff. It is the film it is, this is what they could afford to make. And I am delighted that the small kind of light film is made, and giving a chance to actors like Vikrant Massay and Yami Gautam to play lead parts, and especially Ayesha Raza Mishra to take the lead comic part, instead of her usual sidelined not-even-famous-enough-to-play-Mother kind of roles. I’m even delighted by the basic plot set-up, it’s the sort of clever little idea that doesn’t get made into a film, a fun wacky farcical arrangement that can go in all kinds of fun little ways.

But then, it goes off the rails. Oh dear. Up until the interval, everything is basically okay. And then post-interval, people start acting totally out of character for how they have been established. The plot goes zipping all over the place very quickly with way too many twists. And, most of all, our hero changes from a sweet funny nice person to a totally different guy, who is kind of a misogynistic jerk.

Before I watched it, I had one person tell me it was a fine pleasant rom-com, one person tell me she loved it, and one person tell me she hated it. And I can see all of those. If you really love the kind of light happy cheap rom-com feel, this will be something you would love. If you just generally like brainless rom-coms, it’s pleasant enough. And if misogyny and weird hero turns really bother you, you will hate it. Make your own choice!

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