Shammi Kapoor Birthday Week Question, Which of These Three Shammi Song Tributes is Your Favorite?

Shammi! His birthday isn’t for another few days, but he is such a happy person, I want to start the celebration early.

Famous for his dancing style which involved a lot of shaking hands and tilted necks and jumping about. After his death, there was this little burst of tribute songs in which young stars tried to imitate his style and young composers wrote up 1960s funky beats.

First, just so you know what the original was:

Now, do you personally prefer the version done by his own relative Ranbir, “Badtameez Dil”

Or the version done by the best dancer Shahid Kapoor, “Jab Se Mere Dil Ko Uff”

Or the version that explicitly identifies itself as a tribute, “Shake It Like Shammi”

Personally, I like “Uff” sooooooooooooo much, Shahid may not have the genes, and he may not be invoking the name, but he has got the MOVES.

2 thoughts on “Shammi Kapoor Birthday Week Question, Which of These Three Shammi Song Tributes is Your Favorite?

  1. Oh my, that was a nice bunch of songs to make us watch. So much pretty. I love Badtameez, it’s my favorite Ranbir role and the best song in a movie full of great songs. I can see the Shammi swagger, but it’s sped up times 50 and thoroughly Ranbirized. Sid is lovely, but Shake It Like Shammi is so choreographed that their shaking isn’t really that much like Shammi. So yes, gotta go with Uff. You can see Shahid studied hours and hours of Shammi and practiced every slouch and head tilt until he could flow through it looking perfectly natural and ever so slightly debauched.


    • Yes! Thank you! Another Uff vote. It’s all about the dancing, and Shahid just really nailed it.

      On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 10:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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