Saturday WatchAlong! Mujshe Dosti Karoge, 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

Woo-hoo! Saturday morning watchalong! I already walked the dog and made myself coffee, let’s do this thing!

Mujshe Dosti Karoge! Finishing off our Hrithik Month! It’s on Prime, GooglePlay, and Youtube. And it is quite quite good. In an over the top cheesy early 2000s romance kind of way.

I will start the comments off with “and PLAY” and then you all can take it from there!

623 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong! Mujshe Dosti Karoge, 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

  1. Yes, yes this is a good…what.
    Let’s feed each other food in the middle of the night before we make terrible mistakes about marrying people we shouldn’t


  2. “I know we had a big destination wedding planned but since I can’t marry Pooja, Hrithik is going to have to bite the bullet.”


  3. Spouse is now giving a guitar lesson in the kitchen complete with 5 year old playing the harmonica. I don’t think he likes the music….Therefore I’m going bast it until all credits are over.

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  4. This was so great! I am ready for another Hrithik film next Friday, except that I think we have seen literally all of the good ones at this point. Also, next Friday is Pre-Birthday so it should really be SRK.

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  5. Thank you Margaret. I forgot to set my alarm, but waking up and realizing I had a movie to watch was the best way to get out of bed. And now I can go back and see the first hour, much to my spouses distress. HA! Tom Petty vs. Hindi music here we go!

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