Shahrukh Birthday Month, Ask Your SRK Questions Here! Factual, or Discussion

I feel bad, the celebrations this year just haven’t felt as celebratory as in previous years. Anyway, let’s give SRK the attention he deserves. Let’s talk about whatever you want to talk about!

Two kinds of questions! Factual, like “how did he meet his wife?” If you have something about his life you vaguely wonder about, I can give you the long fascinating story. And trust me, whatever question you ask, I will have a fascinating answer. I know enough about this particular topic to pull out unusual interesting facts on any area you want to know!

And second question, discussion question! Like, “what do you think his next movie will be?” There’s no factual answer, but we can sure have fun pooling our guesses and suppositions about things!

Ask away! Lets give Shahrukh some attention, poor man.

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16 thoughts on “Shahrukh Birthday Month, Ask Your SRK Questions Here! Factual, or Discussion

  1. Well, oh well, just grabbed the first topic n ShahRukh when reading you 🙂

    Do I have questions about him??? Oh yes, plenty (and for him, it’s – rather – a safe place to face somebody asking him questions)…but what I value the most are the questions he himself is asking to get into contact with someone he is surious about or just wants to comfort…such an Indian “thing” 🙂


  2. Do you think he is overthinking his roles nowadays?Like,Salman can do masala(Dabangg),action(Kick,Jai ho,Ek tha Tiger),family drama(PRDP),social drama(Bajrangi Bhaijaan)and a lot more.Even romance Katrina,something that backfired on almost every other male actor(Ranbir,Siddharth,even Shahrukhin JTHJ).But Shahrukh and Aamir have slightly serious,intense,experimental type of stuff in their kitty.Shahrukh seemed a much more cool,carefree guy in previous decade with enthusiasm in doing films instead of taking the entire burden of the film on his shoulders(like Fan or Zero,even Dilwale seemed to be resting on him despite the fact that Shetty makes movies in his style,without necessarily considering the actors barring a few comic improvisations).This is not even about the political shift,his change in public persona was around 2008 when he was suddenly ‘bigger and older’,not to mention the sudden ‘rich guy’label that came with his ownership of a team in IPL,a sham of a sport(no hate to the players though,who put all their efforts in promotional dances).Everything was perfectly smooth even about his political alignment until that point(to be precise,political alignment was never a problem with any actor until a few years ago when the lotus bloomed and everything turned muddy,even frightening).It suddenly feels like SRK is *making* films,instead of just appearing on sets and doing the job.I don’t know if he aged up real quick,or I aged too slow(maturity is when I realise I am not even half the age of the person I am talking about),but he shows a certain hesitation in taking up roles nowadays.It is a weird situation for male stars in Hindi cinema where we don’t get to see a lot of off beat roles,where the actor remains unaffected by the script.Irrfan(when he was with us)and Nawazuddin do get brilliant roles now but we weren’t following them since their youth,unlike SRK who seems to be a bit less
    active than he was at that point of time.Like Vidya or Tabu never had a burden of *female superstar* but they just surpass expectations each time.I do think actors need more off beat roles that are not necessarily pretentiously ‘high concept'(which is the easiest cover for bad writing)but offer enough meat for the actor to showcase his talent.It is weirdly hard for stars to find reasonable projects without putting all their eggs in one basket(this is something oddly specific to male actors,with the exception of Vyjayanthimala who was royally pissed after the box office failure of Amrapali).I would love SRK to take up easy roles without overthinking the ‘what will people think'(read this in a slightly cringey Lilly Singh tone)and just land in roles and give his best.Like,a charismatic cop.Or a cool doctor(in something not as serious as DZ,not to mention it IS high concept).Hrithik,contrary to my expectations has a really great career even at this point,as his roles cater to the star persona and are also something that can be pulled by him only.I want SRK to do similar things that only he can manage.Not the stuttering Devdas,but the ever poised Kabir from CDIndia.Not even Fan,which was ridiculously expensive with the computer effects.Aamir does exercise creative input in his films but he has been doing this successfully for over a decade(his ghost directing makes me wonder if he would actually be a good director),however I won’t like SRK to follow the same path of Dilip Kumar,Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh who had a burn out in their careers due to the choice of roles(even though Amitabh returned with a bang,and is here to stay).
    This ended up longer than intended.More rambling than discussion.I sometimes wonder if he secretly wants to play a guy of his age(he is 54,what is the secret of his beauty),but we cannot wrap our minds around it.And while I wish him not to be overburdened by the star persona,I ended up using SRK more than Shahrukh(which is a single word,SRK is more of a star name like Big B,not necessarily a perfect acronym).How we delay the change we wish to see around us.
    At last Pathan is reportedly going to start shooting,with DP(yay)and John Abraham(boo-er what even?).A confirmed double role,with rumours of SRK playing father and son.SRK in old age makeup-are we ready for it?


    • I think he’s feeling the pressure. When I look at younger actors like Ranveer, they just take the roles they want and follow the directors and there’s no expectations. With Shahrukh, his films come with an automatic higher ticket price on them, it’s not just an imaginary expectation, it’s a real financial planning expectation on the part of the industry, he matters for a large amount of the expected income for small theater owners and distributors and everyone else. I think he should set aside that responsibility, I think it would be great for him as an actor to take odd small roles and just follow what the director wants and not care about anything else. But that would mean risking his company, the strength of the whole industry, everything. All the Khans are feeling that pressure, Aamir handles it by only doing films very very rarely and trying to forget in between (but he seemed just devastated by the failure of Thugs). And Salman, like you said, handles it by trying everything and working all the time. None of them are really being joyful any more I don’t think, they are all working because they feel responsible, not because they love it.

      Forget being a movie star, it’s the same thing you see older people do all the time. They don’t like working any more, they don’t want to work, but they keep going through the motions because they have responsibilities. The closest comparison I can think of is people I see at my church. They loved being part of the community, they were excited to volunteer, they had loads of energy. And then they got really good and useful to the community, they started being the vital person who always runs coffee hour or whatever, and they still enjoyed doing it and were glad to feel useful. But you hit a turning point when you are just burnt out and ready to stop, but still feel responsible because there is no one else coming up who can take your place. I guess that’s what I see, I think Shahrukh (and to a lessor extent the other Khans) are just burned out and tired and ready to be done. But they can’t stop because they don’t think anyone else can do it and so they keep going through the motions.

      On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 9:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I like your interpretation of the age factor,a combination of ‘what will people think’ and ‘what about my responsibility as a star’.I think a better solution would be actors doing everything in their youth so that after a point,they are not stuck.Like Aamir out of the blue became associated with social dramas so everything from him is expected to be 3 Idiots or PK or Dangal.It really stuck like oatmeal because Aamir was the host of Satyameva Jayate,a sort of TED talk show with people working towards eliminating prejudices and inequality in the society.While Salman built his base on doing mass appeal stuff,so his stint in Bharat and Bajrangi Bhaijan was a pleasant surprise.Even Ranveer is doing a decent job balancing Shetty and Zoya Akhtar.I sometimes wish SRK were a bit selfish,tweaked the company rules so young actors under the same banner could continue generating enough revenue so that financial welfare is ensured while SRK himself can do all sorts of shenanigans with veteran actors like Naseeruddinji(he is a Midas touch,I believe).Salman stepped into the old man role with Bharat and so did Aamir with Dangal,I so wish SRK would do something similar so that audience can be convinced that he doesn’t necessarily have to cater to our demands of a youthful hero,sometimes SRK gets to do simply what he wants,what he feels joy in.I personally felt he was at his most relaxed in Dear Zindagi,it felt like Shahrukh doing a role instead of Shahrukh doing a movie for us.
        This reminds me how vocal Waheeda Rehman was about leaving acting at a point because writers couldn’t work out how to write her a role but didn’t want to experiment with the preconceived notion of the timeless luminous beauty,while she was actually a person who would not hesitate about playing a strong woman of substance.She was wonderful in Lamhe,but got similar roles over and over again in several Hindi films playing the good old mother.


        • The challenge is timing, when will people suddenly lock you in? Aamir did tons of silly romances and things, then does a few social consciousness movies and suddenly he is locked in forever with that and something like Thugs is seen as outside of his usual style. Shahrukh’s done a ton of things in different genres over the past few years, but it doesn’t matter, somehow the string of early 2000s romances is all anyone remembers from him. The solution would be, as you said, to do a bunch of different stuff as much as you can. And then I guess control how you are locked in, decide for yourself when you will stop.

          On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 11:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I have a list!

    – What are your expectations regarding his “supposed” new movies?

    – How do you imagine him at 65? Like Amitabh? Working behind the camera? Something totally different?

    – I saw in a post that you were on a Happy New Year tour in USA! How was it? It would be a dream, but there is no chance that such a tour will come to my country.

    – Which director would you like to see him working with (Indian cinema and Hollywood)?

    – In a marathon of Shah Rukh Khan films, do I need to watch Bhoothnath 1 and 2? Is it really necessary?

    – In your opinion, which of his three children are most likely to have a career and be successful in Indian cinema?

    Thank you!


    • Yaaaaaaay, questions!

      -I dread something somewhere from him or one of his collaborators about how he lines up projects. He has maybe 5 in the air at any time. Likes a narration, gives notes, calls them back, gives more notes, and so on. Depending on what is ready first, and which can be scheduled with co-stars, and so on and so forth, that’s what he will do first. He was in the middle of that whole process pre-pandemic pretty obviously, having directors over for dinner and kind of considering multiple options. But now I don’t know what he is thinking, his options are suddenly a lot more limited. Pathan was the last one rumored, and that was a YRF release. He’s got loyalty to YRF, so if Adi brings him something, it’s pretty guaranteed to go to the top of the pile and push everything else away. If Adi is ready to move forward on that one, I think SRk will stop thinking and considering and just do it, then go back to the starting point to pick his next one.

      -At 65, I could see him mostly running his company. Doing brand endorsements to have a stable income, focusing on producing and VFX and stuff, and maybe a character role every once in a while. He hasn’t had a film in 2 years now, but he’s still been plenty busy. My current guess is that that is his future, stop with the exhausting filming schedules and stuff, just focus on the more 9 to 5 kind of work, and acting for the fun of it.

      -It was amazing! Shahrukh live is just overwhelming. And so much energy! He was the last person off the stage at the end of the night. If you buy my book, I talk about it a little more there I think.

      -I’d love to see him work with Anjali Menon, she does fascinating things with male characters. And Zoya Akhtar, she gave him that great cameo in Luck By Chance, but not a full movie. For a Hollywood director, hmm. Maybe Jon Favreou? He’s not a great director, but he has a really good atmosphere on set, and seems to get something special out of his actors.

      -Nope, you can skip the Bhootnaths. It’s really just five minutes or less. I’m not including them in my countdown.

      -I think all three kids could easily be successful in different ways, depending on how you count success. So far (not really knowing these kids) it looks like Aryan is positioned to take over the company and work behind the scenes, Suhana is positioned to be an actor, and AbRam is the one with the most star quality. Aryan could easily become one of the top powers behind the scenes, another Aditya Chopra. Suhana could be another Shabana, respected as an actor, not a star. And AbRam could be launched at 20 and storm the industry on pure charisma like Hrithik. Or not of course. But it is interesting, all three kids seem to have such different talents and such different possible paths.

      On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 10:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’d really like for the three kids to completely surprise us and do something unexpected. Somehow kids of superstars have a really tough path in the industry. Rajesh Khanna’s daughters couldn’t do anything, Abhishek Bachchan seems to struggle with the comparisons. It seems like they might actually be better off focusing on something else – alas, their dad’s superstardom might actually negatively impact their achievements, whatever they try.


        • Suhana and Aryan, so far as we can tell not really knowing them, seem pretty set and serious about their film related career paths. But I think they could still avoid the curse of the star kid if they sort of come in sideways. If Aryan starts working at Red Chillies like any other corporate son, spending time in each department, getting to know the company, and then quietly taking charge after ten years of apprenticeship, I think he might escape his father’s shadow, feel like something totally different. And if Suhana spends time working overseas in art films and live theater, then comes into Indian film sideways through art pictures and off beat roles, she could do the same. The “easy” path would be for them to use their name to get opportunities right away, for Aryan to produce his Dad’s next picture, or Suhana to be launched by Karan. But then they would always be overshadowed and accused of using connections and so on. If they go very slow and steady, they could build up their own reputations before the Bombay industry gets to know them.

          On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 3:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Thank you! That was a really really good read. I’m going to link to it on my Wednesday post and I encourage everyone else to read it. So many interesting thoughts, from considering how putting Fan between Happy New Year and Dilwale might have shaken things up to looking at the way the failure of SRK’s IPL team in play hurt his brand image as a “winner” in general.

      On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 1:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Do you think SRK has a special effects curse? He has been in so many ambitious special effects movies – Paheli, Fan, Ra One, Zero – none of them have worked. All seem to be good on paper yet they don’t come together…why is this? What do you think is going? Do they sacrifice the heart/soul of the movie for special effects? Do indian audiences not like special effects? Or is it just a curse?


    • I think he does have a special effects curse, in that he gets so excited about the special effects for a movie that he loses all perspective. He spends too much money on the wrong part of the film and not enough on the right parts. Zero in particular, the special effects are stunning, but the narrative doesn’t make sense.


  5. If SRK decided to make a real crack at breaking into the American market what kind of movie do you think you’d see him in? Would he be doing the kind of ‘aged action star in kids movie’ like Jackie Chan, Arnold, etc. get caught up in? Or would he have more of a Christoph Waltz BOOM entrance that leaves American audiences screaming “where have you BEEN YOUR WHOLE LIFE?” with the answer being “On Indian TV, every day, for 30 years.”

    Or something else entirely?


    • I picture more of a Christopher Waltz kind of thing. He’s not young enough or objectively handsome enough to enter as a leading man, but give him any solid character role, and he will stun and amaze.

      On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 10:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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