Shahrukh Day Mantras, What Are His Words To Cling to Today?

It’s Shahrukh Day, and also a time when a lot of us (myself included) are going through some big hard emotions. Personally, I am taking all my happy pills and hugging my dog an awful lot. And along with that, I am hugging Shahrukh, holding close to all the reasons he gives me hope and happiness in the world.

“Just like in our films, in life too, finally in the end everything is OK. Happy Endings. And if it is not happy, then it is not the end. Picture abhi baaki hai mera dost, picture is not over yet.”

Om Shanti Om sequel in the pipeline? Shah Rukh Khan hints so - bollywood -  Hindustan Times

“Bade Bade Deshon Mein Aise Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai…Senorita!” (In a big big world such small small problems happen, Senorita)

Here's why Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge works even 22 years after its  release | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

“In life, if you ever want to be something, win something, or get something, then always listen to your heart. But if you don’t get a signal from your heart, then close your eyes and say your mom and dad’s names, then watch, you will achieve every goal, every obstacle will become easy, and the victory will be yours… only yours…”

Have an obsession for benches: Karan Johar | Entertainment News,The Indian  Express

“After this moment, whatever happens in life, whether its good or not, whatever the end result is, whether you win or lose. No one can take these 70 minutes away from you, no one! Then even God cannot take these 70 minutes away from you. So go! Go and from yourselves, from this life, from your God, and from every person who didn’t have faith in you, go snatch your 70 minutes.”

When Shah Rukh Khan thought 'Chak De! India' was his worst ever film |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express

“Feb 11 5:00:22 AM 2010 hope peace prevails. hope misunderstandings get cleared. hope nobody is hurt. hope all leaders & activists have largesse of heart. hope…”

Shah Rukh Khan deserved an Oscar for My Name is Khan: Paulo Coelho -  bollywood - Hindustan Times

“l’ll tell you a little story. It’s from the Bhagavad Gita, actually. It’s about Arjuna and Krishna, when they both were walking down the road and there was a dead dog on it. So Krishna asked, what do you see? Arjun said it is such an ugly sight! The entire flesh is rotting. Krishna said, ‘Don’t you see the teeth? They shine like pearls. Do you see how beautiful they are?’

I only see the teeth. And I am not philosophising.”

Shah Rukh Khan Interview - 1996 - YouTube

“Why should not the love we share be the last word in defining us instead of the last name? It doesn’t take a superstar to be able to give love, it just takes a heart and as far as I know, there isn’t a force on this earth that can deprive anyone of theirs.”

interview: Shah Rukh Khan: The beauty of love is that you don't need to  demand or beg for it


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9 thoughts on “Shahrukh Day Mantras, What Are His Words To Cling to Today?

  1. Lovely! These are the reasons he is my strength and my comfort. He embodies what I want the world to be, all the while being sexy as sin.
    A scene in Paheli, to the question who are you? “I am the love that resides in every woman’s heart.”
    Good luck today (Tuesday) to you all in the US.


  2. Thank you for the SRK special delivery! I waited until after work, just when I was descending into the Twitter spiral of not knowing what will happen, and it helped pull me back to steady and hope.


  3. Just wanted to LOVE this post and the beautiful hearts in all of you. We were brought together for a reason. Maybe to share these sentiments and be seen and reflected.


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