Which of These Salman Things Makes You Happiest?

Salman Khan! If you think too much about him, he gets all controversial and sad and confused. But if you only think about him superficially, he is HILARIOUS!!! So let’s be superficial.

Salman just put out this tweet announcing a new clothing line WITHOUT CLOTHES, and also (as Genevieve and Emily pointed out) with a photo of a horse to advertise a brand called “being human”.

This is awfully Salman-y, but is it as good as the music video for the song he sang and wrote himself in quarantine? Titled “Pyaar Karona”?

Or, what about the music video he made a few years back when he decided to sing the title song for a movie he was producing himself? And was very very proud of his whole “studio singer” performance?

Or, alternatively, is the most happy making Salman thing, this video of him playing with his tiny tiny nephew Ahil?


2 thoughts on “Which of These Salman Things Makes You Happiest?

  1. Cooing baby nephew dethroned the beautiful horse, but it was close. Big strong dudes who know how to hold and talk to babies are irresistible.

    I can’t with the look at me I’m a musical artist videos. Just make me want to hide under a desk.


    • Salman is so good with kids! It kills me every time. And that baby is so fascinated by him.

      On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 12:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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