Friday WatchAlong: Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl! Starting 3pm Chicago Time

Woo-hoo! A movie I haven’t seen!!!! And neither have many of you! This will be nerve-wracking, what if we don’t like it?

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is on Prime, but SUBTITLES WILL NOT WORK ON THE TV!!!! Because Prime is a bad bad BAD platform, some of their Hindi films have a subtitle program that only displays on computers and phones, and it looks like this is one of them. You can try renting it on youtube or google play instead, or on einthusan. Or you can just set up your viewing so you can use a laptop (which is what I will probably do).

I will put a “and PLAY” comment below when it is time to start, and then we can all just comment along together.


356 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl! Starting 3pm Chicago Time

  1. I feel like this is what I remember about Anushka’s character. She’s so exhausted from falling in love with Ranveer while still trying to side with the ladies that it saps her energy completely. So this big speech is a little underwhelming because there’s no energy or feeling behind it cuz she has none left.

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    • It’s the rest of the money he needs for the land. The ladies are giving him the money they earned so when they sell the land they’ll make even more of a profit so they don’t feel bad about giving all the cash up.


    • Interesting, this is the same con he pulled in Pari, but even better because this time he actually bought the property. So every con is slightly more sophisticated.


    • You could also argue that he returned the money because they did successfully get him to fall in love with Anushka which broke him. But the film needed to wind that out more, show that he may have intellectually won, but emotionally lost.


      • I think we’re supposed to believe that the sequence where he was sitting alone gazing at the beach was actually him considering the human consequences for the first time and not just plotting how to con them back. But he could have developed a conscience by losing too.


  2. Now that we are at the end credits song, I am going to share my biggest problem with this movie. What is up with Anushka’s boobs???? Half the time I didn’t even notice them, looked fine. And half the time they seemed just sort of weirdly placed and saggy. Wsa she standing too hunched over? Badly fitting bra? Badly fitting tops?

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  3. Well, that was fun! I may not necessarily need to watch it again, but it is a perfectly pleasant sleepover/with sister/babysitting teenage girls kind of movie. Light, fluffy, fun, good with ice cream

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  4. Well, I certainly had fun, and I hope you guys liked it! Looking forward to a possible comprehensive Margaret review. Have a great weekend everyone, and happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Thank you for the movie watch-a-long Margret! I can think about if the film was masochistic with the man winning in the end, or just giving us one final twist. Not a great film, but I admit I enjoyed it!


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