Friday WatchAlong: Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl! Starting 3pm Chicago Time

Woo-hoo! A movie I haven’t seen!!!! And neither have many of you! This will be nerve-wracking, what if we don’t like it?

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is on Prime, but SUBTITLES WILL NOT WORK ON THE TV!!!! Because Prime is a bad bad BAD platform, some of their Hindi films have a subtitle program that only displays on computers and phones, and it looks like this is one of them. You can try renting it on youtube or google play instead, or on einthusan. Or you can just set up your viewing so you can use a laptop (which is what I will probably do).

I will put a “and PLAY” comment below when it is time to start, and then we can all just comment along together.

356 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl! Starting 3pm Chicago Time

    • I don’t know, I feel like the whole operation jades her and she loses a lot of her spunk by the end. Definitely more energy here than I remember. Like I said, maybe it’s just been a while and I don’t remember.


  1. Anushka had a couple of years of showing off her body quite a bit and it always made me uncomfortable. Maybe because she has such a naturally sort of baby face that it feels icky making her sexy? Or just that she has such a personality-full face that it seems weird to make her all objectified? Anyway, I am happy that she quickly became popular enough to switch to more loose modest clothing.

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  2. If you had to choose only one, greasey slickbacked hair or non-greasy but ponytail?

    Not a game! Clearly the question the hairstylist for this movie had to answer every morning.


  3. I hadn’t thought of Ranveer and Anushka as having amazing chemistry, but since they have both been on the screen I have a hard time looking away.


  4. Somehow Anushka is at her hottest when she is with a slightly shorter dude. Have you noticed that? When she is paired with someone of a “proper” height, it’s not as good. Something about the way she carries herself with a shorter dude is way hot.


  5. Okay, I’m a little confused again. Are they tricking him into paying for Anushka’s things because he cares about her/thinks it will turn into a bigger con and at the same time deeply overcharging him for everything?


      • Okay, so in that case, if he is doing all of this because he thinks it is part of conning and romancing her, it is a Bad thing. But if he is doing it because he is falling for her, it is a Good thing. So really the love-not love is a big deal in this con. Whereas in his cons, it didn’t matter if the girl really loved him or not, just that she introduced him to the real target.



  6. NOOOO!!!! It’s not RIGHT!!!!!

    Also, this kiss makes me think even more that Ranveer didn’t cross a line with Pari. And for sure he didn’t with Saira (because she was too proper) or with the other one (because he barely knew her). Anushka had to make the move to kiss him and he was surprised.

    Also, did they have sex? It’s the next day, and they look shellshocked, I’m concerned.


  7. I feel like this movie wants to be either Dawaat E Ishq and just be about the female con to right wrongs, or Veere Di Wedding and just be about the friendship, but it’s not either and I’m bored now.

    No sappy Ranveer-Anushka romance! Bring back female friendship, and message of breaking the rules because the rules are unfair!


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