What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to in December?

Happy Wednesday!!!! Halfway through the work week, and then on the weekend I get to just sleep and sleep and sleep. And sleep and sleep and sleep. And sleep.

I’ll start!

Reading: I am reading old Doonesburys. They hold up surprisingly well! I was all set to be cynical and disappointed in them, now that I am looking back with mature eyes. But, nope! Still just darn good political commentary and jokes.

Watching: My parents and I have started on Inspector Lewis. It’s the perfect calm British mystery series, except there’s all these stupid college students around. But if you ignore them, it’s perfect. Also, tonight for friend movie night, I have decided we are watching The Christmas Switch. Because CHRISTMAS.

Thinking: I’ve got about 2-4 hours of hardcore crafting to do, and then my Christmas gifts will all be made and I can mail them out/drop them off and be done. But I’m so sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy!!!! Should I wait until I actually feel energetic and just power through? Or should I assume I will never feel energetic until late January and make myself do it even while sleepy?

Listening: It’s CHRISTMAS! And gosh darn it, Mr. Priyanka Chopra wrote a really really catchy Christmas song.

Question for you: If you were told that someone in Indian film is secretly Santa Claus, who would you guess it is? And why?

Shahrukh! And I have reasons! First, he has a Mrs. Claus.

Gauri Khan hits back to rumours of AbRam being Aryan's love-child in an  Instagram post | India.com

Second, he loves kids and vice versa.

Shahrukh Khan Receives The Crystal Award For Championing Women And Children|  Pride Of India SRK - YouTube

And third, very important, HE HAS A BEARD!!!!!

Raees kohl, beard and srk - Telegraph India

52 thoughts on “What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to in December?

  1. First, Of course I agree about your Santa and Mrs.notion! perfect choice! And as we know his beard is full on white.
    Second, silly as it is , I’m enjoying Bollywood Wives. If you are a Shah Rukh fan, watch the last episode if nothing else.

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  2. That song IS catchy! I’ve got Christmas fever suddenly, which is good because it will take me at least a week to decorate.

    I watched Taish. It was very badly made. It’s both gritty and at times very stilted and weird. It also takes place in an insane, consequence-less version of the UK where the police, the courts, the law, the prisons, the press (esp tabloids), and random people all don’t act anything like they actually do, because otherwise the plot won’t work.They handwave it in the most hilarious way a few times. I couldn’t suspend my disbelief at all. It kind of maybe tries to make a point about honour/revenge related violence but not really. The last half hour or so was good though.

    I pestered Zee5 about subtitles, because even though there is a subtitles button on Hatya they don’t work, and they say they only provide subtitles on stuff made from 2018 onward. They say they are working on maybe giving the rest subtitles possibly at some point, but can’t say when.

    Anyway, I should have some more fun movies to watch soon when I’m done admiring Govinda’s beauty in Hatya in HD.


    • Yaaaaaay, Christmas fever!!!! Good, because DCIB is going to be All Christmas-All the Time for the next few weeks. I just LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! It’s all I can think and talk about all December.

      Glad to hear that I continue to miss nothing by not having access to Zee5. And is anything in Taish as ridiculous as the JTHJ “hey, can I try to defuse that bomb?” moment?

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 8:18 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It’s not so much fun ridiculous as it is just stupid. Like, someone illogically does not get convicted for murder because there isn’t a DNA match (doesn’t make sense in itself, the circumstantial evidence must be enormous besides the fact that there should be numerous people charged anyway), then later people are like “Why didn’t he get convicted even though there was a DNA match?” so maybe all four of the judges were corrupt and I guess the entire jury too, even though they don’t say that, but then when someone is like “we should appeal!” the other person is like “…No.” Because if they did, what would happen to the plot???!!


  3. The actor in Holidate looks my spouse. Well, if my spouse were fit, which he’s not. And well, even when the man could climb El Capitan he didn’t actually have a six pack. Those take a different kind of dedication, a gym dedication, or different biology. We do have one close friend who always has a six pack; he has Cystic Fibrosis, it is very hard for his body to make body fat. So fit and yet so fragile.

    My husband says squinty eyes are in right now, and that is why the Holidate actor got cast. And my husband doesn’t think they look alike. But they do have the same smile lines, which my husband has had since he was 18. Also, the actor in Holidate is better than the actress.

    I’m reading King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. Fantasy, I just want fantasy right now. It is good, but if you don’t know the world it would be hopelessly confusing. I’ve read Six of Crows by her so I do know the world and remember one of the characters. Six of Crows is fantastic. Netflix is coming out with a series based on her books, Read it before you see it!

    Listening. I put on Mitch Miller the other day and I was SO HAPPY when the CD ended. I guess I’m not ready for Christmas popular and Christmas pop. But Christmas classical is glorious.

    Thinking that I never showed the kind of appreciation to everyday friends in years past that they deserve. My neighbors and acquaintances who have helped us survive this pandemic… I’ve started making presents for people as soon as I think of them, probably the way presents should be done. Signs of love instead of obligation. But of course those obligations still exist, I’m planning on forcing the 11-year-old to make cookies for everyone. Child labor is totally within the Christmas spirit right?


    • But Emma Roberts is in Holidate! Genetically, she should be the better actor. Also, so squinty!!! I just looked at the stills for the film and it gave me a sympathetic headache. All these guys need to wear glasses. Or sunglasses. Just stop squinting.

      Child labor makes Christmas so much easier. And really gift giving in general. My Mom used to use us as her default baby gift crafters, just have a bunch of plain onesies and fabric paint, make the kids decorate them, DONE!!!! And I am feeling similarly with gifts this year. My goal is to plug along and assembly line like 30 homemade presents, and then I will have a stockpile to give to everyone I think of whenever I think of it.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 9:33 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • It’s not child labor. You’re teaching how to show appreciation, and um, generosity! Plus baking skills. You’re being a stellar mother, basically.


  4. Cookies! When I moved late last year, I found a lot of things I didn’t know I had, among them a recipe for Potato Chip Cookies. Hadn’t unpacked by last Christmas but I’m thinking of making them this year. Seems to be the same old butter/sugar cookie with the addition of crushed potato chips. Anybody ever had them? Are they worth it?


    • Oh, that sounds really good! I haven’t had that, but cookies with crushed salted nuts are so yummy and it seems like the same principle.

      Here’s my Christmas cookies story: My Grandma’s best friend was Swedish and every year she made these delicious Swedish butter cookies and gave Grandma a big tin of them. So for 50 years, we had these devine cookies as a standard part of Christmas. And then she died, the friend that is. My parents went to the funeral and I highly encouraged them to corner the grieving children by the coffin and get the recipe, but they were strangely reluctant. So now we will never have really good Christmas cookies again. Unless we reach out? It’s been over 5 years, is that the proper “grief before recipe demands” time period?

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 10:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I am re-re-re-re-reading my way through all the Jane Austen novels, which I do every couple of years. Right now I am 4/5ths of the way through Sense and Sensibility. Then I plan to watch Kandukondain Kandukondain (the Tamil film based on it). And I discovered to my utter delight that I BOUGHT Ra.One on Youtube and then forgot I had it, so I have been watching that in snippets. We are not sure where to put the tree in our new apartment, so are holding off on that, but the wreath is on the door and the advent calendar is in play!

    As for music, I love the solstice album by Ocean; very Christmas Revels! And my new favorite song (new to me, not to the rest of the world) is God Bless Us Everyone by Maria Dunn.


  6. LISTENING: Save Handel’s work there is no good Jewish music, holiday or otherwise. My fave, Judas Maccabaeus, and seasonally appropriate:

    Israel in Egypt: https://youtu.be/kdU8k0bpY1Y

    Coronation Anthems:

    You know this one if you’re a fan of the Royal Fam (or The Crown) I saw a post on this video that suggested Prince Charles listens to this on repeat while crying. 😦

    LISTENING EVERY YEAR: In addition to James Taylor’s Christmas Album, I am permanently enamored with this: A Soulful Messiah, produced by Q. Total brilliance.

    WATCHING: trying to watch Mismatched but I keep getting interrupted or distracted so not sure if I will make it all the way through.

    WATCHED: only the last 20 min or so of the last episode of Bollywood Wives so I could gush over Shah Rukh and Gauri and their adorable relationship. And he’s so so so so charming.


    • Hey, I had to sing “Dreidel Dreidel” every year at my elementary school holiday concert! You can’t tell me that’s bad! Also, what’s the one about the Maccabees? I remember it being really fun to say “Maccabee”.

      And, VERY IMPORTANT, you must watch Nina Paley’s take on Passover if you want a good Jewish musical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Yk59fZZ0I

      I am off and on interested in the royal family. Very tempted to try to recast them in Indian film, but I just end up with the Bachchan Family which is boring. But it works so well! Even Ann=Shweta.

      If you are “trying” to watch Missmatched, that makes me think it’s not very good.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 11:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Ohmergod I hate the draidel song. But you just understand that I was forced into full-time religious education preschool-12th grade.

        I will check out that link, thank you!

        Yeah, I want to like Mismatched but it’s not holding my interest.

        How about a fantasy royal family cast of the original Kapoors? Can you see it? Change the genders. Prithviraj as King Father, 3 brothers duking (get it) out to be king…


        • I don’t know, the Kapoors story is so tragic it’s almost too sad to be enjoyable. But the Salim Khan family! That I could enjoy. Elopements, second wives, all kinds of fun stuff.

          On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 3:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • For what it’s worth, the British royal family’s story is also too tragic to be enjoyable, but riveting nonetheless.


    • He does have that Santa kind of vibe. And I was thinking that if I were to remake Miracle on 34th Street, he would be my Santa. Opposite Ranveer and Dips as John Payne and Maureen O’Hara, and the little girl from Ludo as Natalie Wood.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 11:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Watching: I watched Middle Class Melodies and it was very nice. Love stories, comedy, friendship, family connections and one of my favourite tropes: a father who seems strict but really only wants his son to grow and start acting like an adult. A good watch.

    Reading: Already 4th volume of Warrior Cats with my son. I’m not sure who likes the books better, he or me. I recently discovered there is a strong fandom of the series in Poland. They have many more books translated and all with beautiful accurate covers. My son’s birthday is this Saturday and I asked my family to buy him Warrior Cats comic books. I can’t wait when the books will arrive. I’m sure he will like it.

    Listening: Few years ago, one of my favourite latin singers Cristian Castro made a Jose Jose cover album. I was obsessed with this album for months and didn’t listen anything else. Last week I heard one of the songs after a long time and started crying because of how beautiful the lyrics are. Obviously I had a relapse and now I listen to this album on repeat everyday (this and the newer one I discovered he made, this time for Juan Gabriel)


    • I think I just missed the Warrior cats series, it must have started right as I got too old for them. But I have heard very good things from my Sunday School kids.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 12:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I was hoping to see what you thought about Middle Class Melodies. I think many Telugu speaking people are relating to the movie because in real life they know some one who is like the father character. After long (Rahul Ramakrishna in Arjun Reddy is what I can remember before this movie), the hero’s friend gets own his track and I think it made the movie better.


      • Not only the friend made the movie better, in my opinion he stole the movie from Anand Devarakonda. Spoilers:

        I was much more interested in Gopal and his story than in Raghava and his hotel. Also wasn’t Raghava’s love story a mess? What really happened between him and the girl? And how much time passed from the flashback to the present? First there is a kiss and then suddenly he doesn’t want to cater because she will be there. Or doesn’t want to rent the spot from her father. Why? What happened?
        But all the rest: the father, the uncles, even the milkman are great. And the scene when Sandhya tries to warn Ragahava to not sell the land was so good. I became a fan of Varsha Bollamma thanks to this part. She came from anxiety to desperation in one scene. I was on the edge of my seat.


  8. Rishi circa Hum Tum for Santa. Stature, hair color, on-screen persona.

    I’ve recently needed to send out a last minute present, so now I have Prime for the time being. Can’t use it to watch anything Indian, because my days are so full. I have given up most of my restrictions on what I will run in the background during work though, the only rule still standing is basically that I need English audio. So now I’ve ended up on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It’s an “everything and the kitchen sink” kind of show, where the ragtag bunch of misfits goes from chasing one immortal through time to watching Elvis accidentally summon the dead and getting rid of a demon via a giant cuddle monster. And the wackier it becomes, the more I love it. I love the way the relationship developments between the captain and her girlfriend are part of that wackiness. And now they’ve gone and included a “Bollywood dance number”. It was so cliché and tacky, but so much in keeping with the general respectless tone of the show – I’m really in love right now.


    • I was into the WB Green Arrow for a while, and then from there into Flash, but just as they introduced Legends of Tomorrow, I ran out of interest so I never really tried it. But I have heard it is a total blast, and I LOVE Brandon Routh and am so happy good things are happening to him. Also, he did a cameo in a terrible Hindi movie that you should not watch, but also, how weird is it to know that someone from Legends of Tomorrow did a scene with Akshay Kumar?

      Ditto on the English language. Although that’s also my mother tongue, I don’t know if it is for you, so for me that restriction means I don’t have to think at all. Anyway, if it’s in English, I can zone in and out and not be as distracted while working. I tried Bollywood Wives today and had to rewind and restart like 3 times because I kept getting interrupted by work-work, blech.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 2:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  9. Reading: I might have mentioned months ago that I read the Ember in the Ashes series throughout the height of quarantine. The last book just came out. I had preordered it and it arrived on Saturday, and I have to go slow because of my schedule, but it’s so deliciously heartbreaking and stress inducing and depressing and sexy and I’m loving it and yes that probably makes me sound crazy.

    Watching: I have almost completely fallen out of Netflix watching since moving, but I just made plans to hate-watch Coolie No. 1 with a friend over Zoom when it comes out, so I’m very excited for that.

    Thinking: Mostly about my mental health and how it’s been constantly fluctuating, not even day to day, but moment to moment since I moved. I will be fine most of the day, and then night rolls around and I can’t stop thinking and shaking and then panic happens for no real rational reason. I have meditation apps, I have discovered the power of a hot cup of tea, and I’m trying to find a supplement that keeps me calm that doesn’t make me throw up (I tried the first one today and it was clearly a disaster). But literally a few hours ago, my district announced we’re moving back to fully remote teaching for the remainder of 2020. I’m surprisingly extremely happy about it.

    Listening: Anything and everything. I have discovered once it reaches a certain time of day, I need either TV or music in the background to keep me sane. So I have been discovering the true expanse of what Spotify has to offer. And the first song from Coolie comes out tomorrow and it sounds great.


    • A friend just recommended to me today the series Gideon the Ninth, if you need another addictive book after this one.

      My friend movie night had a couple of weeks off around Thanksgiving, but we are supposed to be on again tonight. I always enjoy it and am happy I did it, but it is also so tempting to just skip a week and stay huddled in bed. So, keep up those Zoom dates and Netflix plans!

      It sounds like what you are dealing with is very similar to what happens to me in the winter. Once the sun goes down, my thought process just completely changes. It took me a while, and then I started noticing that I would have these anxiety waves like clockwork starting at 4:30, that is, when the sun began to set. I have a whole system, I got a sun lamp, I would turn it on and turn on the TV as soon as I got home, eventually I started sleeping with the light and TV on. And it’s anxiety over nothing, like one time I was worried my landlord was going to make me get rid of Albie Dog for literally NO REASON. The thought just popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. I will also say that the first time I lived alone, which was my senior year of college, I almost went mad in the evenings. And then I bought my first TV set, and discovered the wonder of television background noise. It just makes a massive difference in keeping your home from feeling all scary and dark and echoey. I’ve never looked back, it is my routine. I still read and cook and do non-TV things, but if you come home from work and have that shock of being out in the world and now being home alone, TV is really really good. I think that’s pretty much a universal for people who live alone. Even my grandmother, who hated TV, started having her radio on all the time after my grandfather died.

      The other thing I will say is that I had a hard time adjusting to living alone, came up with my little rituals and things and learned to like it and be happy, and then about 5 years ago I started getting waves of anxiety at night which was a whole different level from just “living alone” anxiety. That’s when I got the sunlamps and leaving the TV on all night and all of that. And that’s what I am now on medication for, it’s made a huge difference. Not saying that’s what you should do, just that it is a tool available to us in the modern world if we want it. And also, get a sunlamp. And come to Friday Watchalong. And go to dinner at your parents. And everything will be a lot easier I think once you are fully distance learning. That half and half just seemed unbelievably stressful.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 4:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I mean, I do have an idea what is making me so anxious, and it’s something real but also irrational and something I really shouldn’t be thinking about, and also so extremely dark that it’s not something I should be putting on the Internet, let alone on this blog.

        TV and background music has so far been helping. I literally have sunlamp tabs open on my computer right now and I’m about to get one because I have more money left over after all my bills than I thought. Any recommendations?

        My thing with Watchalongs, which I think I’ve mentioned before, is that I don’t like going if I haven’t already seen the movie before. I know that most of the movies you pick aren’t “serious movies” and don’t require much thought, but I’m like that in real life too. If I’m watching a movie with friends and haven’t seen the movie before, and they start talking, I can’t pay attention and get extremely annoyed with them because I want to pay attention. So that’s why I don’t come regularly.

        I didn’t realize how truly difficult online learning was until they made the remote announcement and I started thinking about how easier my life is going to be once we go back remote. There’s no travel time, I don’t have to deal with my coworkers, and the disconnect between the in person people and the at home people is ridiculous. I started getting so frustrated today for reasons I can’t even remember and probably wouldn’t go into if I could because of teacher lingo.


        • I am so glad you are anxious about something real! That is much healthier than being anxious about nothing.

          For sunlamps, I have two, and there isn’t much to choose between them. It just has to guarantee at least 10,000 Lux, and you need to set it no farther than two feet from your face. It’s the two feet part that is hard for me, figuring out how to arrange my furniture and outlets to do that is almost impossible. But it is so worth it! Makes a big difference.

          This week, Kaho Na Pyar Hai! So if you’ve seen it, you should join us 🙂

          I was just thinking about you with remote learning. I’m working from home, and I’ve got a whole pillows-blanket-snacks system going. I was thinking “gosh, going back to an office will be so hard”, and then I was thinking “wait, I loved my office, this whole pillows-blanket-snacks system is just to deal with the stress of working without companionship”, and then I thought “you know, the worst of all would be if I couldn’t have my home stress busters, and also wasn’t back in my cheerful happy office space”. And that’s you!!!! You’ve got all the downsides of both, the extra strain of communicating virtually, without the relaxation of being in a safe home environment. Anyway, next semester will be much better for you, I am sure.

          On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 4:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I have not seen Kaho Na Pyar Hai, but I was also busy when the watchalong was going on, so I couldn’t have made it this time anyway.

            Glad to hear I apparently had the worst situation up until this point lol. But you’re kind of right, I had music on constantly to tune out my coworkers, even during study hall when I technically probably wasn’t supposed to. And because of my schedule, I had no time to eat while I was in the building. We got an hour for lunch to allow for travel time, and I had an extra 40 minutes on top of that because I have the period right after lunch off as well, so I’d eat peanuts as I was driving home and then chill with my real lunch before teaching my last class.


          • Yes! It was a really hard thing you were doing!!!!

            On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 9:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. Reading: A lot of reddit. I recently discovered reddit and it seems you can find a page about almost anything.

    Watching: Finished watching Broadchruch (three seasons). I think it is one of the better crime dramas I watched. I like crime series where is no gore and is plot driven rather than shock driven. Broadchurch for me had all the elements in a good crime drama and that all three seasons were interlinked in some way made it more interesting. I broke my rule of not watching series where episodes run more 45 minutes because the hour long episodes did not feel long.
    Started watching the movies that Steve McQueen made for Amazon Prime. One movie releases every Friday and two of the total five are streaming now. All movies trace the West Indian community in London between 1960 and 1980. The first movie based on real events was really good. I am looking forward to watching the rest.

    Thinking: How long is too long before a movie is released after it is shot. Zee played It’s My Life (Hindi remake of Bommarilu) starring Genelia D’Souza and Harman Baweja on their television network last Sunday. The movie was made in 2007/8 and was stuck so far.


  11. Doonesbury! I haven’t read it in years, but it was a big feature of my high school and college years and I actually think I learned a lot about politics from it. I need to get back and see what he’s doing now.

    Another busy week. On Saturday I started Highway without knowing much about it, and then they came to Alia’s big reveal and it was too dark for me in my mood at the time and I had to tap out. Is it going to get more cheerful or should I just put it aside for now.

    About Manoj, Neena Gupta, and someone I’m forgetting are doing something together? Was on Manoj’s twitter. I hope it’s something I can see; Manoj and Neena would be so interesting together.


    • Oh, if you haven’t caught up on Doonesbury, you’ve got a treat! He switched to only Sunday strips about 5 years ago, which is fair enough since he is OLD, but the regular strips remained high quality straight through.

      Highway gets darker and darker and darker until a sort of vague “well, life sucks but at least I found a way to carry on” kind of ending. Great movie, gorgeous music, DARK!!!!! Do not watch if you are depressed at all! But also kind of fascinating, because it really is the same movie as JHMS, only super dark.

      On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 8:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  12. Watching: the first episode of Bollywood Wives. It’s not my flavor but I’ll probably watch it anyway. I just find it so hard to care about silly rich people. I did finish Race too. I was expecting a big, fun action movie like Bang Bang, but I found it kind of dark, what with all the betrayal and people plotting to murder each other.

    Non-Bollywood: Minions of Midas, a new Spanish limited series based on a Jack London short story. The set up is great but the ending felt totally unresolved. Still trying to figure out if that was intentional or if they are expecting to make more. We also started watching Wu-Tang, the Emmy nominated Hulu series. Good but more darkness too. This is what happens when I watch TV with my husband. I need something in between Hallmark Christmas and dark crime shows, it seems hard to find lately.

    Thinking: how do I do stocking stuffers if I’m staying away from stores? Socks and undies for everyone?


    • Oh oh! Oriental Trading Company!!!! Or, American Science and Surplus. That’s where my Dad always got our stocking stuffers. Of course, we also tended to get things like screwdrivers and packs of playing cards, so I don’t know how good that is.


  13. Film news: Warner Bros. to Debut Entire 2021 Film Slate, Including ‘Dune’ and ‘Matrix 4,’ Both on HBO Max and In Theaters

    They’re considering it a temporary solution to the crisis, but given how much Disney has pivoted to streaming too, I wonder what the business will look like by the end of next year and what decisions they’ll end up making. Some bad news about theater chains, along with interesting details of the kinds of financial deals studios are cutting with the theaters to get them to accept shorter windows before digital release.

    Also interesting that ticket sales in China, South Korea, Japan, and Western Europe rebounded, while the US is still in a deep hole. That’s what we get for handling the pandemic so poorly. The HBO Max deal is US only.


  14. All the books I read these days are on Audible. It means I can multi-task – drive, or sew, or cook, or do other mundane things while enjoying a good read. I’ve recently read ‘The Dictionary of Lost Words’, which was great, and am currently into Barack Obama’s’ A Promised Land’, read by the man himself. Beyond what he is saying, even his voice is soothing and comforting.

    It made me realise what a hole I have in me with Shah Rukh’s absence the last couple of years. He was the one I relied on for a daily hit of comfort, wisdom, joy. His tweets, his daily doings in the media – films shoots and promotions, projects, events. He seemed accessible and real, and was a natural and positive part of my life. I hope he comes back some day.


    • I know what you mean about SRK. I notice it when I put together news round ups or TGIF posts. There just isn’t anything new coming from him, no quotes or images or videos, or even crazy rumors like “Shahrukh i building a theme park in his backyard!”

      On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 12:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I just watched the trailer and was intrigued. Definitely something I would recommend to people.

      On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 7:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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