Christmas Post: Which Christmas Coke Ad Makes You Cry More? Brotherly Love or Missing Dad?

Prepare to cry! One is very high concept, one is very low concept, both of them are products of horrible consumerism blah blah. But they will still make you cry!

This year’s coca cola ad! Starts out simple and sappy, turns kind of over the top and silly, but then brings it right around at the end.

And my personal favorite coke ad from years past, gets me every time, a slow build and then a sweet pay off.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Post: Which Christmas Coke Ad Makes You Cry More? Brotherly Love or Missing Dad?

  1. The brother one is good, though selflessness between brothers strains belief in my house at this moment in time. The dad one almost lost me in the middle but then it also felt totally like the experience of this year – you start out thinking you’re going to do your routine thing in your little corner of life, and before you know it you’re hacking through the jungle and trekking across a glacier, all in the end to just be reunited with your loved ones. So yeah, that one.


    • Such a cynic you are! just wait, your boys will do something incredibly touching and sweet and like in a Hallmark movie, as all children do on Christmas. At least, that’s what pop culture has told me. In reality, I had a massive tantrum/sobbing fit every Christmas morning of my life. Why is it never exactly as I pictured it being, and why do I always just have sugar for breakfast?

      On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 7:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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