Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Raj Kapoor and Rana Daggubatti’s Birthdays?

Happy Monday! I am not ready to go to work. I finished all my Christmas stuff over the weekend and I feel like that should earn me a day off. Right? Work is dumb!

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want! From “who is Raj Kapoor?” to “How is Albie dog?” Just keep swinging back to this post all week as you think of new questions!

Now, first, an Important Announcement. Filmikudhi’s puppy has graduated from obedience school!!!!!!!! That’s why he has such an intelligent expression on his face, not at all “what’s happening? Why am I here? Oh well, it’s fine”.

Moving on, an Important Question: Between today’s two birthday boys, who is hotter?

Remembering Raj Kapoor: The Rare Side Of The Greatest Showman Of Indian  Cinema - Filmibeat
Rana Daggubati - IMDb

I’m gonna go Raj! Body-wise, you can’t compare them, because male body beauty standards have shifted so drastically. But pure face-wise, Raj all the way.

UPDATE: Maria Gil suggested that no Kapoor, including Shashi (HORRORS!) is attractive because they aren’t rugged enough. For example of ruggedness, see below image:

41 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Raj Kapoor and Rana Daggubatti’s Birthdays?

  1. Do you think that Raj Kapoor and water bodies are a terrible combination?I am a guy,but his pool scenes in several movies feel uncomfortably male gazey(Sangam,Satyam Shivam Sundaram and RTGM).
    I will pick Rana.He is raw,while Raj is like a refrigerated delicacy.

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    • In general, I think Raj became more interested in sexualizing his heroines as he aged as a director. His early films have no male gaze moments or extreme sexualization. I think he started using sex instead of quality more and more as time went on. Although it’s not universal, even in his later films there were things like Prem Rog where the heroine is treated with great respect.

      I like your Rana versus Raj definition!


    • Raj, meh! And I never got into Shashi’s etherial handsomness. I like rugged which Rana is, but something about his eyes turns me off. To be sexy, actors don’t necessarily need a six pack. Look at Karthi, Suriya’s brother. I understand my honey Amit Sadh who used to have normal abs, has buffed up for his new film. It might add to hisappeal altho prob not. SRK’s skinny cuts and rips don’t make him any sexier, if that’s even possible.

      Anon, you have to be a writer. Your comments are so pithy, and hilarious.

      What’s Filmikhudi’s dog’s name?

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          • Okay Popka. Let me see. Shashi was a stunning actor, I’ll give you that. A little mannered for me, but that was the times.

            Angie called Shashi “beautiful.” That to me is the opposite of “rugged”.

            Old- timey, matinee idol looks don’t appeal. I hate slicked back hair, clean-shaven-suit-and-tie skinny- sox-shiny-shoe guys. I don’t like a man who talks for hours, likes to go grocery shopping with you, gets all into your business, shares everything he feels, and cares about what you wear.

            I like a man who prefers you naked, has a craggy face, five o’clock shadow or a beard (like Indian actors), rumpled hair, maybe brushing his collar or even down his back (my husband had drealocks) sports a discreeet scar, and goes around in rumpled jeans and well-worn boots. He’s not afraid to sweat, is on the thoughtful, quiet side, doesn’t hunt, is clean, smart (but doesn’t flaunt it) protective when you need it but leaves you alone when you don’t. Oh yeah, he can cook and dance.

            Cute teddy bears who tell jokes, and intellectuals with “informed” opinions are a turn-off.

            Does that help?


          • It does! I don’t know what kind of Shashi films you’ve seen but here are some less clean/sleek characters.

            In Chori Mera Kaam he is a himbo petty thief, in Chor Sipahee he is an unconventional cop. He looks pretty scruffy in both. Then there’s Fakira and Suhaag (Diabolik-style master thief/swaggering cop respectively) but those are more playful and clean looking.

            In Junoon he is (initially) pretty scary but also really weak-willed so I don’t THINK that’s what you want but he doesn’t look as groomed so maybe it will work.

            He’s also done some dacoit films, where he obviously looks much dirtier but I can never get hold of them, so I don’t know what they’re like. Also, if you just like loads of hair and beards and can stand extreme arthouse, boy, is Siddharta the movie for you.

            He’s done a bunch of character where he looks cleancut but his character is morally corrupt and/or evil somehow but I don’t think that will work for you?

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  2. Definitely Rana. The height alone makes him a winner. Raj does nothing for me.

    Also, Theo was SO unhappy in that picture. He hated the hat so much, which is why his tail is uncharacteristically down. But we had so much fun and that’s all that matters. Now let’s see if he will let us put him in the Christmas costume his aunt got him. If I can get him in it, I’ll send you pics.


  3. Is neither a good response? Raj Kapoor gives me the good boy vibes who can turn around and assault you if you are alone with him (he’s great as an actor, but the creep level is high for me with him). Rana is just overall too rugged for my taste.


    • I’ve been trying to figure it out, since this was such a weird year. Maybe something more like “best instagram posts”? Or “best streaming serieses”?

      On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 8:18 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. So I was counting days, and today I even thought: It’s better to not start any movie because tomorrow I must be ready for Maara, and guess what – it is postponed! Without explaining the reasons. I’m so angry! They announced it yesterday, so 48 hours before the premiere. I knew there is something fishy because nobody really promoted it. But why wait till the last moment if they already knew? And why postpone it? The date was known for at least 2 months.


      • It’s a total lack of respect for the audience. I’m so angry I don’t feel like watching this movie anymore (but deep inside I know I will watch it anyway)


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