Which Shirtless Salman Photo Makes You Smile Most?

Salman said we aren’t supposed to celebrate his birthday this year, so this isn’t a birthday post necessarily. This is just a bunch of photos for no particular reason.

There is of course his recent photo, announcing a clothing line for humans, by a big picture of a horse and him not wearing clothes.

Salman Khan flaunts his ripped physique as he rides a horse; take a look! |  Hindi Movie News - Times of India

An older classic in which he shows a good way to warm up a Pepsi.

Best body of bollywood, Handsome Boy Salman Khan Photos Gallery |  Memsaab.com

Painting, Salman style.

These 12 Paintings Drawn By Salman Khan Proves He Is An Excellent Painter -  RVCJ Media

Painting, Salman Style, part 2

Salman Khan on Twitter: "Paintings at my chalet at Bigg house set dehko  #BeingInTouch pe Android Store: https://t.co/46iizrK9V0 iTunes Store:  https://t.co/dFwsW7aIrj… https://t.co/H3QyGtJrAx"

Salman, poor safety practices

Shirtless Bollywood Men: Salman Khan: Wax On Wax Off?

The original big shirtless moment! Note the lack of power cord for the guitar. It is powered by SEXINESS.

Salman Khan to Recreate His Iconic Song “Oh Oh Jaane Jaana” For an Upcoming  Bollywood Movie! - VeryFilmi

The first shirtless moment (although not as impactful as the one above). Why is his button undone?

Salman Khan (salmankhanhouse) on Pinterest

I like the little side sword coming off the handle of the big sword

Shirtless Bollywood Men: Salman Khan


Salman Khan

Which makes you smile the most? I think it is the warming the Pepsi can option for me.

16 thoughts on “Which Shirtless Salman Photo Makes You Smile Most?

  1. I think we all know why Salman’s jeans are unbuttoned, esp. with Bhagyashree in that pose. And clearly Salman had a tragic blowtorch accident that rendered him incapable of growing back his chest hair.

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  2. Bubbles!!! That seems like peak Salman (i.e., after getting his body hair under control but before hair plugs). Plus, he just looks naturally lean and fit and not overly bulked up.


  3. Something about him, don’t know what it is. Maybe the Mafia businessman hair (I can say that cuz I’m half Italian) maybe the lumbering, ungraceful walk. I’m a sucker for abs and pecs but not Salman’s. Ocasionally, he does a good acting job, like in Bharat, but mostly he seems to be phoning it in and coasting on his gym membership.


    • Agree with all of this. And yet something about the idea of him deciding to do a photoshoot shirtless while riding a horse just makes me smile.

      On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 3:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. This is also giving me food for thought about chest hair. I thought I was basically neutral on it, that sometimes I like it but don’t care much either way, but I find Salman truly unappealing with chest hair. I also find him unappealing while oily and too bulked up, so basically there are very few versions of him I find attractive.


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