Important Question! Which Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly Movie Would You Remake in Hindi?

Niki just asked me a question on this morning’s post, what do I want to see Varun and David Dhawan remake next? And I realized I want them to remake a Fred Astaire farce. Which brings up the question, what Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire movie do you want to see remade?

I have seen every Fred Astaire movie except The Towering Inferno (boring) and Finian’s Rainbow (weird). I have seen every Gene Kelly movie, period. Including Les Girls. Here are some that I think would be EXCELLENT Hindi film remakes, just to start us off.

The Gay Divorcee

Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger’s first big hit, great farce set up. Our heroine desperately wants a divorce but her husband won’t give it. Her divorce lawyer suggests hiring a professional co-respondent, someone to pretend to be her lover so her husband can find them together and will agree to the divorce. But in a misunderstanding, a young man who falls in love with the heroine at first sight accidentally says the code word and she thinks he is the fake lover. From there, the farce keeps building. The young man is confused by how this woman immediately invites her to his hotel room and puts on a nightgown, then when that misunderstanding is cleared up, he has to keep hiding in the hotel room all night with her and the real gigolo so they can be caught in the morning. The incompetent lawyer keeps popping in and out too, and in the end the evil husband still won’t give the divorce so they need another plan, and so on. Great Varun Dhawan movie, right?

The Gay Divorcee | film by Sandrich [1934] | Britannica

Funny Face

This is back when Fred was Ten Million Years Old. So he was put opposite Audrey Hepburn who specialized in making Ten Million Years Old actors look younger. This is a perfect Khan film! Because they are also Ten Million Years Old. Our hero is a cynical fashion photographer who is tired of the same old models. Our heroine is an intense young intellectual. The photographer sees her somewhere and is immediately struck by her different look. He gets his boss, a go-getting magazine editor, to offer her a deal to go to Paris for a fashion shoot. The heroine agrees just because she wants to meet her intellectual hero in Paris, doesn’t care about the money or fashion fame or anything. And then it turns into this lovely love story of opposites. The heroine thinks our photographer heroes work is shallow and dull, he thinks he is too old for her. Slowly they grow together, she grows up a bit and learns to respect people outside of her intellectual world, he gets younger an enjoys spending time with her. But will they take the final step of admitting their love? It’s a PERFECT Shahrukh-Anushka movie!!! Right?

Summer Stock

Gene Kelly! Playing in many ways himself, a harsh ambitious brilliant choreographer and producer. He needs a place to put on his new show and has no money, one of his lead dancers suggests the family farm run by her tough sister Judy Garland. The show people take over the farm, Judy puts up with it, and then finds herself increasingly drawn to the dance world. Gene Kelly catches her dancing and is stunned by her hidden talent. Over time, the younger dancer sister loses interest in the hard work of the performance while the older farming sister secretly rehearses and ends up being the star of the show. Most interesting bit is the way we see the perfect match between this tough no nonsense farm woman, and the tough no nonsense producer. Farming and performing are both just a lot of work and that strength meeting strength is part of them falling in love. Aamir Khan and…..I’m not sure actually. Someone who can pull off being a tough country woman, and also an amazing hidden talent.

3 thoughts on “Important Question! Which Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly Movie Would You Remake in Hindi?

  1. Can I pick Daddy Long Legs? Fred/Shah Rukh is a rich man who adopts a poor orphan, Leslie Caron/!! (not Alia, maybe Genelia) but doesn’t want to be bothered with visits or anything. He’ll just pay the bills and leave him alone, thank you very much. But she writes to him, beautiful, illustrated letters, imagining what he’s like in romantic scenarios. Over the years, his heart melts and he helps her through tough times without her knowing it. By the time she’s a grown woman, she has fallen in love with him. The whole film could be fantasy song and dance numbers until they finally meet.


    • Yes! I love it!!! But I want to add in that Shah Rukh gets curious and meets her without her knowing he is her anonymous benefactor/letter person. From the letters he is picturing a cute funny little person, but then he meets her and is surprised to find she is pretty and mature and all of that. She gets a crush on him/likes him right away but has to fight through his reserve because he is so old and all that. And then later starts to feel bad because he is so rich and old family and sophisticated, and she is just an orphan and he doesn’t know it. Until the final scene when she learns her “Daddy Long Legs” was her rich dream man all along.

      Also, this works SO WELL with the current trend of overseas education!!!! If she is an Indian young woman sent to school in America, there will be the same automatic assumption of her being very richa nd upper class and kind of “passing” as a rich person even though she is an orphan that there was in the teens for women who went to college.


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